Visiting the School

Our aim is to provide the best possible education for each child within the context of a caring and safe community. School life centres on the students and every effort is made to provide them with opportunities and experiences to further their development and be successful both socially and academically.

We believe that every child is unique. Our aim is to provide broad, balanced, personalised learning experiences that will enable them to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and to achieve economic wellbeing.

To arrange a tour with the Headteacher, please contact the school reception on 01234 290200.


Visitors are welcome to park in the school grounds.  We currently have 4 visitors’ spaces at the front of the school. The car parks are often busy and visitors should only use a proper parking bay and must not park on the double yellow lines. This will allow unrestricted movement of other vehicles during the school day or at peak times.

Access into the school is only permitted from the main reception entrance. Visitors are required to sign in and leave a note of their registration number with staff.  On departure, visitors should sign out at main reception and leave the building by the main entrance door.

Visitors should proceed slowly within the car parks at all times and obey the 5 mile per hour speed restriction.

If visitors need any advice on access or parking before their visit, please call the school reception on 01234 290200.

Servicing / Deliveries

The school actively discourages deliveries between 08.00-09.00hrs, 10.55-11.15hrs, 12.15-14.00hrs and 14.55-15.05hrs when students are out of the building to reduce the likelihood of any accidents.

Access to site must be from the vehicle entrance following the deliveries signage towards the left hand side. A deliveries bay is situated to the rear of the school. All deliveries must be taken to the Finance Office.

Drivers should proceed slowly within the car parks at all times and obey the 5 mile per hour speed restriction and park in the designated delivery bay.

Vehicles & School Buses/Taxi Services

Our school is on the local bus route 7 and details are available in our School Travel Plan. Parents/Carers are encouraged not to park on the school and allow their children to walk the remaining distance if they drop them off further away.

Taxi Drivers should proceed slowly within the car parks at all times and obey the 5 mile per hour speed restriction. They are expected to act responsibly on the site when parking and the only access of the school building must be through main reception following the same safeguarding procedures as all other visitors.

Disabled Access

Pedestrian access is by the main front entrance.  Both sets of reception doors are operated automatically. 
There are 5 disabled bays in the car park located.

  1. 2 opposite Art Block
  2. 2 at the rear of the school near the Site Office
  3. 1 A Block

These spaces are clearly marked out on the road surface and with signs.  Access to the disabled parking bays is by following the same safety rules as indicated in this document. 

Mark Rutherford School takes the health and safety of all site users very seriously.  It is therefore, imperative that individuals take care, exercise caution when in the school grounds or within the vicinity of the school grounds and follow instructions to avoid risk of injury.  If there are any concerns about traffic safety, they should be reported to the school reception, reception is to then liaise with the manager that has responsibility for the traffic management.

More information regarding Traffic Management at the school can be found here






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