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Site Improvements at Mark Rutherford


Prepare for even more sporting success at Mark Rutherford School as we continue to develop our facilities to promote our success in sport!

It is widely known that participating in sport makes a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society; promoting as it does both physical and mental health as well as fostering team work and healthy competition.
Not only have we recently created a dedicated Sports Science Hub for students to study in our new IT3 Suite, we have also been fortunate enough to invest in a brand new sports hall floor to support the practical sporting excellence that we deliver at the school.
Thanks to a donation from the Connolly Foundation, Gale Family Trust and local Ward funding, we have a new premium sprung flooring system covered in sport linoleum.  This means that we can give our aspiring sports stars, and our have-a-go heroes, the surface they truly deserve!
We look forward to reaping the rewards of our students using this exciting new provision


Further Building Success for Summer 2017

Mark Rutherford School submitted two applications for capital funding to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). The SFA received requests for more than £1.3 billion for over 3,800 projects and I am very pleased to tell you that both our applications were successful.

The total value of funding we successfully secured is £400,091. This will support projects to secure the lifetime of our school buildings.

In challenging financial times we remain committed to supporting our students to achieve the best education possible in the best environment possible and over the past four years, with support from the SFA, we have been able to enjoy learning in more sustainable and much improved facilities.

In order to continue to provide the best facilities we will continue to work hard on securing grants to develop our inspirational learning environment. The total amount of funding secured for building projects since 2013 is £2,640,078.


Developing our ‘inspirational learning environment’

In challenging financial times we remain committed to supporting our students to achieve the best education possible in the best possible environment with such finite public resources. We are very proud to announce that we have secured a further £539,000 to continue the improvements to our B Block roof and Main Block windows.

3,500 bids were submitted to the Education Funding Agency so we are very fortunate to have been successful for the 3rd year running.

These vital improvements to the fabric of our buildings will ensure warm, water tight facilities to learn and work in.


Dance Studio

To ensure we maintain the best possible learning facilities, the specialist flooring in our dance studio was upgraded during December 2015.


The completion to your dining facilities.

The dining room extension design evolved around a number of key constraints and these in turn generated the final design from Mr Millard’s initial idea.
The design:
• had to keep the alterations to the existing buildings to a minimum
• maximise the number of additional seats without disrupting the existing seating plan
• maintain the external circulation and fire escape route from the front car park into the school main corridor.
• Create something eye-catching and visually uplifting for the school that would be visible from the main road.

Click HERE for a picture gallery.


The 'VIcinity'

Our new Sixth Form study centre opened in September. We had a competition to name the centre and Darius La Band came up with the cleverly named 'VIcinity' for which he won £100 in vouchers. The room is a welcome addition for the Sixth form where they can study in a calm and peaceful environment.



Nightingale Autistic Centre

The Autistic Centre at Mark Rutherford evolved quickly over the Summer of 2012 to meet both tight deadlines, budget requirements and accommodation needs. The accommodation has an external area of 320m2. The brief was to design a new facility to deliver education for up to 17 autistic pupils of varying ages and link with the present facilities. The building is a low energy timber frame construction finished in a white render cladding. The new facility was open to students in Easter 2013.



Run for Cover Project

Mark Rutherford staff took on a 24 hour walk/jog/swim/cycle challenge to raise money for a covered area for our students. This was very successful and we raised £2352 from this venture.

The school topped up the amount raised and we bought a fantastic weatherproof covered area for the students. This was put up during the Easter holidays. Well done to all those who contributed.


The 'A' Block

In 2010 we saw the dawn of a new era for Mark Rutherford. For the first time in its history we took Years 7 and 8 on our site. We have a whole new block on our site to incorporate everyone. Here are some pictures of the new ICT suite, science laboratory and one of the geography classrooms.



Quad Redevelopment

The school is always seeking to improve the learning and teaching environment.  Over the last two years the science labs, the dance studio, main entrance to the drama hall, the sixth form common room and study areas have all been remodelled and refurbished.  The complete refurbishment of the Drama Hall is now finished with a high spec lighting and sound equipment housed in the new centre for technical theatre. 

One of the main outside social areas has also been transformed through a major landscaping project.  This superb garden was part funded through the memorial fund for Dr Eason.  Dr John Eason was a well liked and respected teacher who started at Mark Rutherford in the 80’s and sadly passed away last year after many years as our Head of Chemistry. Known for his eccentricities, he was a lifetime Crewe Alexandra supporter, railway enthusiast, fitness fanatic and brewer who displayed gentlemanly behaviour at all times, both inside and outside the classroom. He always gave maximum time and effort to his students who grew to greatly appreciate his knowledge and support as he taught them for longer periods of time. He is missed and will continue to be missed, by both teaching colleagues and students, above all for his great sense of fairness and fun.   For many years John could be seen carrying out his break time duties in this main social area.



Drama Hall

As a growing and improving school Mark Rutherford obtained funding to support its continued success and development.The next stage is the extension of the lighting box to enable the technical side of theatre to be taught.  This is now completed.

The old drama hall is now completely refurbished into a ‘state of the art’ Theatre.  This includes a new electric rake of seats, bringing the seating capacity from 120 to 197, new top of the range audio/visual equipment including projector and remote controlled screen, suitable for high quality performances, training and film shows.  The strip lighting has been renewed, new theatre lighting installed, and a total redecoration and refurbishment of the floor.  This makes it now one of the most up date performance venues.

The science department now have two new top of the range science labs supporting the continuous improvement in results and popular A level courses.

Due to the ever increasing success of the sixth form the common room is now a modern relaxing home for our sixth form.  Designed by the students for the students.

The entrance hall to the sports and performing arts block now reflects the quality of the work in these areas.  The space has a contemporary feel using the most up to date and durable materials.



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