Student Voice

Mark Rutherford School is developing a large student Voice with over 40 members.  Each of the school’s four houses and all year groups from 7-13 are represented to provide a well balanced overview of the school and ensure communication links are open to all students.

 Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for students and staff from a student perspective.  It hopes to ensure that students are considered in the day to day teaching, administration and future plans of the school.    Student Voice also aims to provide opportunities for students to develop: engagement with learning, responsibility, independence, confidence and maturity through working with teachers to build learning opportunities together.

“It’s our school and our education.  If we have a say it will make a difference.”
Ollie Watson and Chloe Mawdsley 2011

We have weekly meetings which are managed by the Student Voice Chair with the help of the ‘assistant chairs’. During these meetings we discuss a variety of issues and support staff with decision making ideas. The younger students benefit from developing their skills by working closely with the older students. Eventually, when Student Voice members reach the 6th form they will be managing their own meetings and setting their own agendas.

The minutes from the weekly Student Voice meetings are feedback to the Senior Leadership within the school. The Chair from the Student Voice will also report back to the School Governors at regular intervals.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) guarantees every young person the right to be heard in the decisions that affect her life our Student Voice remains dedicated to this principle and strives to give all our students a voice in the life and running of the School.



When Mr Peacey came to Student Voice and said ‘Staff are going to stage a massive fundraising event – how would we like to spend the money?!... At first, we weren’t sure it was even real!! Then we got down to the serious business of discussing how the money would best serve students at Mark Rutherford.

About 50 staff were involved in the 24 hour event so there was bound to be a lot of money to ‘play with’. We put our thinking caps on and decided that the one thing that was missing from the school (that we couldn’t usually afford to spend money on!) was a lovely covered area, for students to sit in the shade on a sunny day, or a wet day, while still enjoying the fresh air.  We put our idea for an outside covered area to Mr Peacey and when he discussed this with the rest of the staff, they all thought it was a great idea and would be something that could really benefit us as students. Student Voice was then told that the event would be called ‘Run for Cover!’ and we were so pleased to hear that our idea was going to come to life! 

Over the 24 hour period staff ran, walked and cycled various routes around the school with the swimming taking place at Robinson Pool. The total mileage covered by the staff was just over 290 miles – that’s Bedford to Versailles!

We also held a mufti day in aid of Run for Cover on Friday 1st July.  We look forward to the sponsor money rolling in so that we are able to plan and build this structure ready for the Autumn Term! Come on tutor groups, make sure you show your support and make your contributions now! Thank you to all the staff and parents who helped make this event such a success. 

Please keep your donations coming in!

By Student Voice





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