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Mission Statement

a. Mission

  • To stimulate students imagination and wonder in STEAM subjects including Astronomy, Art and Mathematics.
  • To engage students in learning about STEAM subjects.
  • To inspire students to further study both for academic achievement and for their own lifelong learning.
  • To provide an inclusive environment that provides a stimulating, engaging and inspiring learning environment regardless of academic and physical ability.
  • To create connections with other schools, community groups, other planetariums and organisations to enhance the immersive learning environment.
  • To develop the use of the planetarium throughout the school's curriculum especially in STEAM subjects.

b. Aims

  • To support the delivery of the Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE Triple Science curricula when Space and Astronomy topics are taught.
  • To help with an outreach program with our feeder schools.
  • To support the delivery of other Science topics in an innovative environment thereby stimulating interest in Science.
  • To introduce an innovative learning environment into other curricula areas.
  • To develop cross-curricula links between subjects e.g. with Computing/ICT where students could write code to program the Planetarium.

c. Vision

  • To provide a state of the art, exciting and fun mobile planetarium outreach service to Bedford schools.
  • To train and enthuse teachers in Bedford schools in the teaching of Space Science.
  • To use the Planetarium in all subject areas.


Booking the Planetarium

The Planetarium is a resource for Bedford any eligible school can borrow the system and use it with training.

Community groups such as the Scouts, Guides and cadet force can ask for an after school session.

The Planetarium is also available for selected events (such as BedPop). (Commercial events may be charged)

All enquiries by e-mail please to
And the Planetarium Co-ordinator will reply as soon as possible




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