Independent Learning

At Mark Rutherford School we recognise that effective Independent Learning will enable our students to reach their full academic potential, improve ownership and engagement with their learning, and deepen their knowledge of core skills.

Students will be set a number of independent learning tasks per week from each subject area which will generally reflect the content of the lesson or series of lessons at the time. Tasks will be communicated via epraise.

A guideline of the time that should be spent on independent learning tasks per day is:-

Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8, 9)
Key Stage 4 (Year 10, 11)
30 - 60 minutes
45 - 90 minutes

In addition, we recommend 20 minutes of reading for pleasure every day. When tasks are completed in less time than above or when no formal independent work has been set we would encourage more time to be spent reading.

To read the full Independent Learning Policy please click here.

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