Classroom Code

Together we recognise that a community can only exist positively where there are boundaries and clear expectations.
Our school community has signed up to supporting each other through our Mark Rutherford school contract.
This can be found in student’s planners and in all our classrooms.
At the centre of our contract you will find Mark Rutherford’s community code of conduct.

Code of Conduct for ALL

All pupils are expected to behave in a way which reflects credit on themselves, their parents and their school.  The School Code of Conduct is designed to reflect this and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.  It has the following two guiding principles :

  1. Everyone will act politely and with consideration for others at all times
  2. Everyone will take care of the school and its surroundings

Pupils are expected to take responsibility for their actions and can expect to be rewarded for good effort and achievement, but must also accept the consequences of a failure to comply with the School's Code of Conduct.

Contracting Triangle



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