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Sports News 2013-2014

Cricket District Cup - Semi Final

The year 9 cricket team played Wootton in the semi-final of the District cup on Wednesday 16 July 2014. Wootton were the winners of their group so we went into the game as underdogs. Unfortunately the boys were not able to overcome a very good Wootton side and were on the receiving end of a 60 run defeat. Wootton racked up a total of 137 on a very flat wicket with a small, lightning fast outfield. In response Rutherford lost early wickets and never really recovered. A late flurry of runs from the tail (especially 20 from Stephen Mabberley) took the total to 77 and offered a certain amount of respectability.

The boys have worked really hard all season and did extremely well to even reach the semi-final. Especially when you consider that 9 of the 11 had very little, if any, cricketing experience before this year. A few of the players are now going off to find themselves a club to play for during the summer and are already looking forward to next season.

The team: Adam White, Yas Malik, Kristian Marciano, Leo Mortimer, Toby Belcher, Oli Hymers, James Hymers, Stephen Mabberley, Ertone Bomolo, Ollie Saunders, Jamie Henson, Kamran Bagol and Corey Rennie.


National rounders tournament

On Friday 4th July, a mixture of the year 9, 10 and 11 rounders team travelled to Corby to compete in the schools national rounders competition to try and be crowned the best school rounders team in England.

Our first match was against Sheffield High School – word through the grapevine was that they were a good team that qualified every year for this event and normally did very well. This was our first tournament so with nothing to lose we stepped up to bat first. The games were short – only one innings of 18 good balls so we had a lot to prove in a small space of time. Amy Thomas was in to bat first and started off with a strong rounder. Keedy was next in to bat smashing a ball into the right of the field. Keedy did this 3 more times and scored a rounder off all of her balls. Chloe Williams and Toni Wright Brown also scored a rounder each, as well as a collection of halfs from Emma Wrigley, Alex Shore, Molly Simpson and Ellie Fensome. We finished the short innings on 8.5 rounders.

We had to change our fielding tactics for this tournament – normally infixed ball innings you aim to keep the weaker batters in to use up all the balls and only focus on getting the decent batters out, but at this tournament the competition were all excellent putting pressure on the girls to get the side out quickly before causing too much damage! The girls did just this – they were all over Sheffield Girls School, only allowing them to score 4 rounders in total and got all bar 1 of their batters out. This was a fantastic match and showed that the girls really deserved to be there! Michelle Golland from Rounders England was hugely impressed that a school that had not entered before had managed to beat Sheffield High.

We then played Soar Valley school from Birmingham – they had the England U16 bowler on their team. She was pretty handy. Her bowling run up was something that the girls (all bar Keedy) had never come across before and this threw them! It took until at least their second bat for the girls to time their swings to make contact with the bowls – and when this did happen we were mostly picking up ½ rounders instead of the full rounders we were getting before. This showed in our smaller total of 4.5 rounders for the innings.

Soar Valley were in to bat next – their excellent bowler was also a very good batter! Although our girls had a bit of a shocker – a rounder was scored from a poor bat purely through our fielding mistakes. The girls were gutted and knew this had cost them the match. We finshed up losing by 1 rounders. Gutting L

The final match in our group was against Crompton school from Oldham. We were first in to field. Crompton’s batters were very good and were scattering our deep field with decent bats. Unfortunately a few over throws into second base allowed them to sneak in some extra ½ that really shouldn’t have been scored. Sadly the final score was 6.5 – 4.5 which meant that we didn’t progress through to the next stage this year.

The girls proved that they deserved to be there although it was disappointing that we didn’t perform to how we know we can do. Better luck next year!


Year 10 Rounders

The year 10’s had their second round of fixtures on Thursday 15 May 2014.

Our first game was against Bedford Girls B team – after losing the coin toss we were first in to bat, our first 4 batters hit well, but unfortunately all into the same spot in the field, directly where the fielders were stood. These were fielded straight back in and stopped us scoring anything off these shots. The rest of the innings went very much this way leaving us with a very low 2.5 rounders to finish off the batting  innings. In our fielding innings the girls worked well and managed to field the BGS shots back in quickly to prevent full rounders, stopping most of the batters at 3rd base. The score at the end of the innings was a draw at 2.5 rounders each.

The second innings was much the same as the first – good shots that were fielded back in. Sophia Cassan was taking lots of risks which paid off for us, putting the BMS fielders under pressure and stealing us another 1.5 rounders. In the field, Sahara, Emily W and Tonin worked well together taking catches and fielding fast ball in to second getting a large number of players out.

Despite this the final score was a frustrating 4 rounders to MRS and 4.5 rounders to BMS.

By this time Stratton had arrived for our next fixture. We had a great first innings batting with strong performances again from Amy Thomas scoring 2.5 rounders – this time the girls were more confident at trying to aim their shots rather than just making strong contact. This worked well and our score for the first innings was 5 rounders. Again our fielding was strong, Agne was bowling a variety of balls which made it difficult for the Stratton team to get into a pattern. The first innings score was 3.5-5.

We took it away in the final innings with another strong performance in both fielding and batting. The final score for the match was 7.5 to MRS, 4.5 to Stratton.

The Team:- Agne Zarombaite, Toni Wright Brown, Yolanda Rowe, Sophia Cassan, Amy Thomas, Sahara Malcolm Smith, Emily Wright, Nav Gahir, Ellie Fensome, Emily Pocock, Kayleigh Mead.


Year 9 Rounders

This was the first round of matches for the year 9 girls….and the sun didn’t even make an appearance for them.

We started off against Biddenham – our girls started well, they began to improve their application of fielding tactics and recognised the importance of getting the ball straight back in to second base which limited a lot of the Biddenham batters scoring. Our batting was also strong, notable performances from Sommer, Alex and Nadine all scoring a collection of ½’s and full rounders.

The second innings was very much the same – a couple of fielding swaps meant that we were much more accurate with our fielding having been able to see more of the individual strengths of the fielders. Alex was switched onto second post where she made excellent work of receiving balls from the field. Hannah’s bowling was also exceptional and didn’t give away any no balls at all in this game!

This was an extremely well matched game – so much so the final score was 8.5 rounders all. We then had to look at number of outs to decide the winner – these were tied too! The decision was left that we would replay 1 more innings at a future fixture to determine the final winner.

Next up was Tommy More – our girls were really getting into the swing of things now and their fielding was tighter than ever! Leah, Sommer and Amina were worked hard in the left field but even under this pressure fielded some excellent balls back in. Our batting was good – although the girls do need to focus more on their aggressive running techniques!

The final score in this match was a well deserved 13 – 5.5 win to MRS!

Our final fixture was against Bedford Girls School – again a good start to the first innings mainly down to Vinnay and Izzy in the right of the field as they were super quick in reacting the backhand attempts from the BGS girls – both making excellent pick ups into Alex on second and on both occasions getting the BGS player out.

The score after the first innings was a reasonable 4 – 4.5 rounders. Not too many to make up!

Again, another great innings from the girls but the BGS team had some very handy hitters who had really got into their stride in the final innings. Nadine was returning these balls accurately with great distance but unfortunately this still racked up against us.

The final score was a respectable 10-7 loss.

The girls were brilliant – very good sportsmanship and took feedback very well. Team: Sommer Marie Ferguson, Hannah Stanyard, Amina Begum, Izzy Webb, Nadine Sutherland McWilliams, Kayleigh McCulla, Vinnay Kumari, Leah Campbell,
Alex Shore.

County Golf

The County Golf Championships took place yesterday. Representing Mark Rutherford were Oli Saunders, Bradley Black, Tom Mead and Elliot Smith.

The boys had a very successful day: Bradley Black - 1st place in the individual competition, therefore County Champion!

Oli Saunders and Tom Mead - 2nd place in the team competition (both scores combined), therefore County Runners up. It was a fantastic effort by all of them.


Year 10 Rounders

The first match was against Biddenham – the girls quickly got back into their well drilled fielding routines of backing up and looking for the second phase of play – this allowed them to take opportunity of the unsuspecting Biddenham batters. Some excellent pick ups from Amy Thomas and Emily Wright out in the deep field kept the Biddenham players at second post, limiting their scoring opportunities. Agne was delivering some exceptional bowls which again made it increasingly difficult for the Biddenham batters.

At the end of the 1st innings Mark Rutherford were at 4 rounders, Biddenham had 2.5.

The second innings was even better – the fielders had really got into their stride and at the end of the match Rutherford came away with a good victory – 7.5 -4 rounders.

Our second fixture was against Tommy More – We had a good battings inning against them – racking up lots of ½ rounders off some well placed short shots making the most of putting pressure on second post. Our fielders were also extremely sharp, constantly looking to make the most of every ball. Some excellent second phase work from Toni WB and Ellie Fensome got 2 players out off 1 ball.

The final score in this match was 13.5 to MRS 4 to Tommy More. Another excellent victory!

Our last match was against Bedford Girls A. It was unfortunate that we had to play this team so early on in the season as last year this was the only team we were unable to beat in the league.

We started off very well – Agne’s bowling made it very difficult for the BGS batters, varying her balls and adding some spin. Again, some excellent pick ups from Emily Wright meant that lots of the better players were stumped out at second, missing their scoring opportunity.

At the end of the first half the score was a respectable 3 MRS – 5 BGS.

Unfortunately our second innings didn’t go quite as well. Our batting wasn’t on form as it was in the first innings, Amy Thomas was stumped out on first on the first ball and it went downhill from there. This meant that we had lots of pressure on us in our fielding phase.

Unfortunately we didn’t recover from this and lost the match 10.5 – 3.5.

Team:- Agne Zarombaite, Toni Wright Brown, Yolanda Rowe, Sophia Cassan, Amy Thomas, Sahara Malcolm Smith, Emily Wright, Nav Gahir, Ellie Fensome, Anna Jama, Emily Pocock.


Year 11 Football - District Cup

The year 11 Football team defeated Samuel Whitbread 1-0 in the District Cup on 6 March 2014. James Watkinson scored the only goal after 3 minutes following excellent work from Kai Smith and Rory Watkinson.

Tom Mead

Man of the match was Tom Mead, making his debut in goal. Tom made some excellent, although rather unorthodox, saves throughout the game but saved the best for last; diving full length to punch the ball off the line with 30 seconds of the game left.

U15 Boys Football

The boys under 15 football team played their first league game at the beginning of March and it was against local rivals St. Thomas More. 

The game started brightly for the opposition and most of the players from Rutherford seemed to be still in the bus mentally as a cross came over into the box and everyone watched it apart from an STM player who volleyed in a simple goal.  This was a wake up call.  Results from last year started flooding back where the boys just gave away too many simple goals and this was looking like another one of those days.  Rutherford started to get more a feel for the game as the minutes passed on and constant shouts from the side line of “touch and pass, touch and pass” was ringing in their ears.  Dylan Hassan won a free kick on the far right hand side of the pitch and Fabiano Cammarano stepped up to deliver a swinging cross into the box.  The cross was that good, it flew into the top corner of the net. 

Rutherford got into the swing of things and started moving the ball around nicely.  Gianni Battezzato was finding himself into little pockets of space and was causing many problems.  With Oliver Beddall and Aaron Thomas sitting just behind him, the game was being totally controlled by our boys.  Soon enough the domination counted and Daniel Lewis latched onto a loose ball in the box and scored from close range to make it 1-2. 
After the half time break, the boys continued where they had finished and a nice through ball played in by Daniel Lewis who calmly rounded the goal keeper and put the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-3.  After this point the game should have been over in terms of a contest but unfortunately nerves played a part and complacency stepped in.  The ball was given away needlessly too many times and pressure was then welcomed time and time again.  Soon enough STM had a lucky break after Rutherford keeper made a good save only to see an opposition player tap in the rebound.  The game should still have been seen out and the boys were giving it their all to keep possession to win the game.  This wasn’t to be though.  a long throw into the box was missed by a lot of players and it kindly fell to a STM player who couldn’t miss.  This was the last kick of the game and a kick in the teeth for the Rutherford players who played well especially for the first 50 minutes of the game.  The game finished 3-3 but this should be taken as a positive as STM are one of the stronger teams in the league.  Man of the match goes to Gianni Battezzato for his tireless running and creativity in midfield. 


U14 Basketball team v Sharnbrook

Last night the U14 Boys played host to Sharnbrook in their latest league game. After a couple of weeks with no fixtures, the boys expected a tough game from a school that always develop strong and well organised sides. Despite some good training sessions run by the year 11s in recent weeks, the boys started the game slowly and found themselves 7 – 2 down at quarter time.

The introduction of Ertone Bomolo in the second quarter gave Rutherford much greater discipline defensively, winning a series of rebounds and setting up a number of counter attacks by bringing Kofi Linggood as point guard into play. In a very close quarter, Rutherford edged in to head into half time just 9 – 6 behind.

The boys came right out of the blocks at the start of the third quarter. Once again, their improvement in play came from a strong defensive effort, with no-one letting their player go, enabling them to spring into life with more counter attacks. Rutherford won the third quarter and for the first time, they took the overall lead, 14 – 13.

The final quarter was very tense with Sharnbrook starting the quicker of the two sides. This enabled them to regain the lead as they showed their composure, and put Rutherford back on the back foot. However, the response of the Rutherford boys was emphatic, scoring three unanswered baskets and taking the game 22 – 19 at the final whistle, despite a late score from a determined Sharnbrook.

It was a very impressive performance from the boys, who showed their resilience and organisation in defence and their flair and determination in attack. Well done! The team: Miguel Pereira, Kogi Linggood, Ertone Bomolo, Vasyl Melek, Jamie Henson, Locksley Bradley, Ollie Saunders, Steven-Lee Hollyhand, Callum Roberts.


Girls District Dodgeball

On Tuesday 11 February 2014, a group of year 9, 10 and 11 students went to compete in the district dodgeball competition – a competitive sport new to some of them!

After an intensive training session afterschool on Friday the girls were ready to take on this new challenge – Dodgeball specialist Mr Henwood had been drafted in to teach the girls some new game winning tactics.

There were 9 teams present on the night and we were drawn into pool B. Our first match against Biddenham 2 went extremely well – we won all 5 of the 2 minute games which made up the match, a compete white wash! Chloe Williams – keen to try out her new array of tricks finished the game with a suicide leap into her opponents half, releasing the ball just before landing – the ball hit the last remaining opponent square in the chest. An amazing finish!

Next opponent was Bedford Academy 4 – another 5-0 win to our girls. They were fantastic in this game – showed such sportsmanship. Mekeeda Austin was even apologising to the other players when she hit them with her rocket balls.

Finally in the pool we had Bedford Academy 2 – which we also won this one 5-0.

We were through to the semi finals where we played Biddenham 1. The crowd were convinced it was going to be a Hastingsbury v Mark Rutherford final, but from the start we could tell this was going to be a different game. Biddenham had some excellent throwers, getting some our key players out early. These balls from Biddenham were much more difficult to catch  so in trying to get our team mates back in balls were fumbled and dropped, meaning more outs! The first 2 games were won by Biddenham – we needed to pull our socks up if we were to stay in the game. We won the next game, and drew the 4th so it all rested on the final game. Nerves got the better of the girls and after 3 dropped balls trying to get the out team mates back in meant we lost the game.

The girls were placed 3rd in the district – a well deserved place considering their limited dodgeball experience! They were a fantastic representation of our school – model sportswomen.

The Team: Mekeeda Austin, Chloe Williams, Nadine Sutherland-McWilliams, Toni Wright-Brown, Simran Panesar, Emily Wright


County Cross Country

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The competition went very well (even with the heavy rain fall and strong winds) and everyone represented the school well and some finished in some very good positions which qualified them for the English Schools Championships.  The top 12 in each band (junior, intermediate and senior) will get the chance to run at the English Schools Championships, the following qualified:  Andrew Headley, Stephen Headley, Max Wilson and Erin McCaffray.  Andrew and Stephen had a great race and they even competed strongly against each other.  Andrew was ahead on the home straight but the strong wind took a lot out of him and Stephen had the extra energy to burst past him with only a few metres to go. 

Please congratulate them all on their performance:

Students who took part

Stephen Headley
Andrew Headley
Liz Headley
Jack Steel Jessop
Lois Cox
Erin McCaffray
Davis Cmoch
Josh Griggs
Max Wilson Gibbs


Erin McCaffray Wins County Championship

On Saturday 11 January 2014, Erin McCaffray won the Bedfordshire Girls U/15 Cross Country Championship at Stockwood Park Luton. Becoming County Champion qualifies her for selection to represent the East of England at this years London Mini Marathon. This is a prestigious event where the County Cross Country Champions from across the United Kingdom compete against each other in London on 13 April 2014 . This event is run annually as a forerunner to the actual London Marathon and the course consists of the young County Champions going away as a group and staying at a London University the night before and then being coached as part of the East of England Team to take part in the event. The event itself consists of them running the last 3 miles of the marathon just before the main event. Erin will be running from the City of London, along the Embankment into Parliament Square  then into Birdcage Walk and past Buckingham Palace finishing in front of the Grandstand at the Mall. Erin ran this in 2012 and came 16th so this is her 2nd selection.


U14 Boys Basketball - Second league

On Wednesday 21 January 2014, the boys played their second league game of the season against Stratton. The game started quickly. With some good inter-play and defensive organisation the teams went into the break at 6-6 with Jamie Henson scoring four of the points.
In the second quarter, the boys switched off defensively and let Stratton into the lead. However, as Rutherford regained their composure and structure, they got some quick fire points to get themselves back into the game. The first half finished 14-10 to Stratton.

Stratton once again started the third quarter the quicker of the two sides, scoring from some good team play. Rutherford once more showed resilience and scored the final basket of the quarter to go into the final break 20-12 down.
Rutherford refused to lie down and really fought back in the final quarter showing some excellent defensive work, and showed urgency when attacking; resulting in them ensuring the game went right down to the final whistle. Unfortunately they fell just short, requiring one more basket to take victory, but narrowly missed out and lost the game 21-22.
It was a much improved performance from the game against Bedford Academy, and once they get time to practice on their defensive work and positioning, they will really challenge every team they come up against.
Special thanks go to Petar Jelicic from Year 11 who refereed the game with confidence and authority and Dylan Hassan from Year 10 who helped to coach the side and to run the subs bench. 


U14 Boys Basketball

On Tuesday 20 January 2014 , the boys played their first league fixture of the U14 Competition against Bedford Academy. With it being their first fixture together, a slow start was expected, and it certainly came. In the first quarter the boys were getting used to the regulations and the way they had been asked to play, which allowed The Academy to take a 4-1 lead into the first break.
Rutherford came to life in the second quarter, showing more fight and better organisation, they lost the quarter 6-5, going in to half time 10-6 down.
In the second half, the boys really got the message of how we were trying to play, they showed patience in the build-up, got Kofi Linggood as point guard on the ball more who managed to dictate the play and calmed everyone else down so they didn’t feel so rushed into getting their shots away. They got themselves into much better positions both in attack and defence, allowing The Academy to score just one basket. Rutherford took the quarter 9-2.

The final quarter was very tense, with The Academy trying to force the game to get back into contention. Rutherford showed some great resilience in defence, with Josh Lambert, Vasyl Melek and Jamie Henson winning a lot of rebounds and making a lot of steals. Rutherford took the final quarter 2-0 resulting in taking the game 17-12.

The Team: Miguel Pereira, Jamie Henson, Michael Frimpong, Vasyl Melek, Carden Stapleton, Kofi Linggood, Terrell Mullings,
Josh Lambert, Ertone Bomolo .


U16 Boys Basketball

On 19 December 2013, the boys under 16 basketball team played in a triangular tournament with Stratton and Biddenham in a bid to play catch-up on fixtures.
First up was Biddenham. The boys went into the game without their usual point guard Petar Jelicic, so it was Thomas Lozano-Fernandez’s chance to shine in his absence. Playing a slightly different format to normal, they played thirds of 10 minutes. Rutherford surged into an early lead in the first third. However, they switched off defensively in the second third and allowed Biddenham to get a foot-hold in the game. Rutherford came back to life in the final third, pulling away with some fine baskets, Lozano-Fernandez set the tone with another impressive personal tally of 20 points. This improvement in attack was largely down to a much more disciplined defensive showing with Tarik Dallas leading by example with a string of defensive rebounds, setting up the majority of the attacks. Final score: Mark Rutherford 48 Biddenham 15.

Next up were Stratton. Knowing it would be a slightly tougher task, Rutherford started strongly, showing discipline in their defensive set-up and were clinical in attack. Once again, Dallas was brilliant in defence, dominating the key and shutting out the Stratton offence. Lozano-Fernandez was simply on fire in attack with yet another fantastic individual display, setting the tone for the match, amassing another 26 points for the evening. There were other fine displays, with Wes Henry helping Dallas out with a series of authoritative blocks and steals. Dylan Hassan once again, dragged defences all over the place, creating huge openings for team mates to drive into for easy lay-ups. Final score: Mark Rutherford 44 Stratton 19.

Team: Wes Henry, Tarik Dallas, Miguel Baker, Thomas Lozano-Fernandez, Huseyin Ceren, Jadson Chinoda, Dylan Hassan,
Jan Yilmaz.


U16 Basketball League Game

On Tuesday 17 December, the U16 Boys Basketball team played their latest league game against Samuel Whitbread.  Rutherford were given a rude awakening after a lacklustre start to the game and soon found themselves 5-0 down. It was only in the last few minutes of the first quarter that Rutherford started to find their way into the game. Despite this, they were down 9-4 at the first interval.
The introduction of point guard Petar Jelicic sprung Rutherford into life, particularly MVP Thomas Lozano-Fernandez who was simply unstoppable in attack.  This brilliance in attack was down, in part, to much better defensive play, with Rutherford first to the majority of the rebounds and forcing Whitbread to shoot from deep. Going into half time, Rutherford completed their emphatic turn-around, finishing with a 28-15 lead.

Rutherford did not let up in the second half, Jelicic and Lozano kept up their dominance over the Whitbread defence, keeping the scoreboard ticking over at a constant rate. There were also some excellent and selfless leads along the baseline by Dylan Hassan, who created plenty of openings for his team mates by drawing 1 or 2 players with him each time. He also chipped in with his own impressive individual tally for a Year 10 playing in the Year 11 competition.
Rutherford ensured the victory was completed in style with another complete display in the final quarter. Their continued dominance in defence allowed the attack to really show off their flair with some brilliant team baskets and some individual scores that can only be described as ‘showing you how to make something out of nothing’.  The final score was 69-26 to Mark Rutherford, with Thomas Lozano-Fernandez ending with a personal tally of 33 points; another very impressive display.
Team: Petar Jelicic, Thomas Lozano-Fernandez, Miguel Baker, Tarik Dallas, Kai Smith, Dylan Hassan, Jan Yilmaz.


U16 Basketball Competition

On Tuesday 10 December, the Under 16 Basketball team faced Sharnbrook in the U16 Basketball Competition. The boys knew this would be a step up in competition from their comfortable victories in previous fixtures this term. This proved to be the case with Sharnbrook showing how well organised they were as a team both in offence and defence. They showed patience in maturity in their play and made Mark Rutherford work hard for everything.

Going into the final quarter, Mark Rutherford were 5 points to the good but after a strong quarter Sharnbrook drew level with the penultimate attack of the game. Rutherford were unable to get the decisive basket they needed in the 12 seconds remaining; meaning a tie, and over-time.

With the scores tied, a result was required, resulting in 5 minutes of over-time, Sharnbrook took an early lead but in another tense finish, Rutherford managed to peg them back and take the scores to another tie at the end of the allotted time.

With time getting on, it was agreed by both teams that one more 5 minute period of overtime would be played, and if the scores were tied, that the game would then remain as a stale-mate. However, with Rutherford showing urgency and Sharnbrook showing signs of fatigue, Rutherford controlled possession of the ball and used their possession to good effect, drawing a couple of shooting fouls, and punishing Sharnbrook with the resulting free-throws. Eventually it was Rutherford who came out 38-33 winners in a very tense and hard fought match.

Team: Petar Jelicic, Wesley Henry, Tarik Dallas, Joe Kvilums, Thomas Lozano-Fernandez, Chay Kealy, Miguel Baker.


U15 Netball - THE RESULTS!

On 3 December 2013, it was a busy evening of ‘catch up’ netball fixtures, we managed to squeeze in 5 matches!

Our first match was against Biddenham B. After a quick warm up we were on court and ready to play……Biddenham had arrived early and already played one of their fixtures so were ‘match ready’, and this showed. It took a while for our girls to get into the game – due to injury, players were also having to play out of position which didn’t help. After settling down in the second half, the score was thankfully 2 – 1 to Mark Rutherford.

We were due to play Bedford Academy next but they conceded the match as they were unable to field a team.

Following that we played Samuel Whitbread. Our girls started off strong with some fantastic defence from Sophia Cassan at GD and Sahara Malcolm Smith kept the half time score from Samuel Whitbread down, we were only down by 1 goal. After half time Sam Whit stepped up their game – leaving the final score 6 -3 to Sam Whit.

Biddenham A were next – having won pretty much all of their league matches, we knew this was going to be a tough match. We were really struggling to feed the ball into Rachel Pyne (GS), the ball kept getting turned around by their very able defence. Emily Wright and Alisha Bhatti tirelessly brought the ball through the court only  for it to be picked off just as an attempt was made to feed the circle. The final score was 4-0 to Biddenham.

With no gap between games, we were straight on to play our next match against St Andrews. They were a tall team so we used our speed and skill to get in front of the defence. The St Andrews side were not used to this and struggled to defend against us, their only hope was for their tall circle defence to get the rebounds from our missed shots. As the final seconds left the clock, we were drawing 2-2, Rachel Pyne took a shot near the edge of the D in the final seconds and scored! Just as the whistle blew! Finishing the match 3-2 to MRS.

Finally, we played Hastingsbury. Mark Rutherford were well into their stride at this point and easily took advantage of the misplace passes and lack of speed in the Hastingsbury attack. The girls were intercepting passes left, right and centre…so much so that I don’t think the ball even got into the Hastingsbury shooting circle. Mark Rutherford finished off their evening with a 8-0 win.

Rachel Pyne was voted players player for her excellent shooting. The girls were great and as always, a great representation of the school.

Team: Sophia Cassan, Anna Jama, Sahara Malcolm-Smith, Alisha Bhatti, Yolanda Rowe, Navandeep Gahir, Rachel Pyne, Emily Wright (captain).


Year 9 Rugby

The year 9’s hosted Rushmoor School on 19 November 2013. The home side were comfortably 22-0 up at half time thanks to 4 excellent tries from Ertone Bomolo (2), Michael Czuba and James Hymers. Ertone’s 2nd try came from some outstanding teamwork in defence, to hold the attacking player in mid-air inside the goal area before a loose ball was picked up under his own posts by Ertone. He then ran the length of the pitch, through and around the majority of the Rushmoor team before touching down underneath the oppositions posts!

The boys set out for the second half hoping to stop Rushmoor from scoring at all. Things didn’t quite go to plan, partly due to a number of changes being made in order to stop the subs from freezing to death! Rushmoor hit back with 2 tries to make the score 22-12 with 10 minutes to play. Ertone then came back on and scored a fantastic solo try, and sealing a hat-trick, before creating an opening for Michael Czuba to show his immense talent and run 60m through the opposition to score his sides 6th and final try of the game. Both 2nd half tries were converted by Adam White, who had taken over kicking duties from Leo Mortimer, to make the final score 36-12 to Mark Rutherford.

The team were as follows:
Oli Hearn, James Hymers, Oli Hymers, Andrew Boost, Kamran Mubarick, Toby Belcher, Leo Mortimer, Bradley McCarthy (man of the match), Rory Barton, Adam White, Ertone Bomolo, Michael Czuba, Vasyl Melek, Michael Frimpong, Jamie Henson, Steven-Lee Hollyhand, Hamish Burns, Harry Parsons, Lewis Hall and Owen Openshaw.


Interhouse Badminton

18 boys and girls from year 9 participated in the Inter House Badminton tournament after school on Thursday 14 November 2013. It was a great afternoon and everyone enjoyed playing against their houses and we have seen some really talented year 9 players

The results were as follows:
Woolf - 1st place - 90 points
Novello - 2nd place - 80 points
Blake - 3rd place - 45  points
Turner - 4th place - 5 points.

Winning Team

Well done to Steven-Lee Hollyhand who was the only representative of Turner House but played well and managed to earn his house 10 points. Thank you to everyone that took part and helped with the organisation.

Report by Hannah Parry-Okeden - School Sport Captain


Year 11 Rugby

The year 11 Rugby team played Rushmoor on Wednesday 13 November 2013. The team were 2 players short which meant it was always going to be an uphill struggle against what would be a well organised side. The boys battled hard and were excellent in defence throughout. The two missing players really made a difference as the boys were defeated 27-14. There were two outstanding long distance tries from Dontae Brown which were the highlights of the match for mark Rutherford. Both tries started in Mark Rutherford’s own 22 and, following some excellent work from Eric Vermuelen and Tarik Dallas, saw Dontae show first his sheer power and then his pace to crash through a number of attempted tackles before racing under the posts leaving the opposition trailing behind. The boys battled until the final whistle and sheer tiredness allowed Rushmoor to score their 5th try with the last play of the game.
The boys were a credit to the school yesterday: Robbie Taylor, Angus Dunbar, Nathan Taylor, Kasper Chmielarz, Brodie Longmuir, Wes Henry, Joe Kvilums, George Maddams, Dontae Brown, Tarik Dallas, Kane Osborne-Walker, Eric Vermuelen and Ben Kearsley.


Under 19 County Netball Tournament

The U19’s dusted off their netball shoes to represent Mark Rutherford at the County netball tournament on Wednesday 13 November 2013.

As always, some tough competition in this age category –  fortunately we were due to play the ‘big guns’ later in the day. So first up was Luton Sixth Form college, a new entry this year. They had a decent team, with lots of height and pace. Mark Rutherford were slow to get into this game and found that their overhead balls were not going to get to our players due to the oppositions height. Unfortunately due to the short game time this really did let us down and were unable to recover – the final score was a close 6-5 to Luton 6th Form College.

Next up was Stratton Upper School. Learning from their mistakes, the girls were much more dynamic in this match – coming forwards to receive the ball. Hannah Cocker worked extremely hard as the link between the defence and attack, Charlotte Hunter was also making some excellent drives out of the shooting circle which then enabled balls to be fed into our holding shooter, Emma Carter. A much better performance and well deserved 9-4 win to Mark Rutherford.

Our final game before the much needed break was against Hastingsbury Upper School. Their Goal Attack(GA) turned out to be a very handy player and made our team work very hard to keep the ball away from her. Hazel Trengrove and her newly found netball skills managed to keep on top of her and made it difficult for the GA to get close under the post for an easy shot. The final score was a very close 10-9 win to Mark Rutherford.

After the break we faced the two toughest teams of the tournament – Sharnbrook Upper and Bedford Modern School – of which they had a smattering of Regional and Superleague netball players, as well as a couple of England youth players.

Unfortunately we did lose both of these matches (16-1 against Sharnbrook, and 28-1 against BMS) but the girls were fantastic, they kept their heads held high and worked just as hard as they had done in their previous matches.

Hannah Cocker, Hannah Parry Okden, Charlotte Hunter, Emma Carter, Beth Pitcher, Hazel Trengrove &
Suzie Goulding


Year 9 Netball

The year 9 netball team went to the Bunyan Centre on 12 November 2013 to play their second round of league fixtures.

Our first match against Hastingsbury went very well. The girls took the first quarter to warm up and get into their stride. There was lots of fast play throughout the court which resulted in some scrappy passes and miss timed runs, this settled down into the second quarter and the girls thought more about their passing. Hannah Stanyard and Amber Gibson-Gray played brilliantly in defence, and made it extremely difficult for their accurate shooters to get the ball. The final score was a 9-5 win to Mark Rutherford.

Our second match was against Redborne. After watching from the sidelines the girls knew they were facing their toughest match yet. The Redborne defence made it difficult for our attack to work the ball into the circle, Lucy Henderson (GA) worked tirelessly to get the ball into the circle, cutting in front of her player to ensure the Redborne team could not intercept the pass. The rest of the girls soon began to realise that asking for overhead balls against the tall Redborne team was not going to work, so they started to adapt their play, although this helped, the final score was sadly 8-4 to Redborne.

So far in the league they have won 4/5 fixtures, a brilliant track record. Thank you to Esther Clay in year 12 for coming along to help coach the team.

Yasmin Rounding, Lucy Henderson, Nadia Wedderburn, Amber Gibson-Gray, Nadine Sutherland – McWilliams (C), Eboni Hinds, Hannah Stanyard, Jazzie Aerts, Erin Helliwell, Olivia Kamau.


Mekeeda Austin representing England!

Mekeeda Austin (year 11) has been selected for the Under 16 England Rounders team – Well done!!


Year 10 Rugby

The Year 10 rugby team played host to Hastingsbury on Wednesday 23 October 2013. Mark Rutherford made a perfect start when Dylan Hassan caught the kick off, ran through half of the opposition and created a try for Aarron Thomas in the corner. With only thirty seconds played, the score was 5-0.
The rest of the half continued in much the same manner with tries from Justin Arthur, Matt Birchall, Gianni Battezzato, Oscar Musharu and Dylan Hassan. Gianni converted 2 of these to make the score 34-3 at half time.
Hastingsbury started the second half much better and began to build some pressure on the home defence. Excellent work from Simas Stragockis, Reece Gascoyne and Isaac Avis prevented the visitors from threatening a miraculous comeback and tries from Justin Arthur, Dylan Hassan and Aarron Thomas cemented a well earned victory for the boys. Final score 53-27 to Mark Rutherford. Dylan Hassan was named man of the match for his outstanding running with the ball and power and aggression in the contact.

Oscar Musharu, Alex Stark, James Browning, Isaac Avis, Morgan Smith, Simas Stragockis, Dylan Hassan, Reece Gascoyne, Marc Casling, Gianni Battezzato, Aaron Thomas, Justin Arthur, Matt Birchall and Ryan Innis.


Sixth Form Basketball

The Sixth Form Basketball team hosted Sharnbrook on Tuesday 15 October and Redbourne on Wednesday 16 October 2013.
Sharnbrook are the strongest side that the boys are likely to come up against this season and a tight affair was anticipated. This proved correct as the teams finished the 3rd quarter with Rutherford just 2 points ahead. Unfortunately for the home side, a two minute period of dominance by Sharnbrook, resulting in ten unanswered points, gave the visitors an unassailable lead. The final score was 35 – 43 to Sharnbrook.

The boys were obviously disappointed with this result and looked to bounce back immediately with a win against Redbourne. They would be without two key players in Wes Henry and Petar Jelicic, however Tarik Dallas was available again and in good form.
Redbourne were no match for Rutherford and the home team dominated from the off. Tarik, Leon Hardy, Stephen Reid, Tommy Lozano and Jonny Dove proved a class above the opposition and were ably backed up by Justin Arthur, Dylan Hassan and Jadson Chinoda.

The final score was 40 – 9 to Mark Rutherford. This means the team have played 4, won 3 and lost 1 with 3 to play.
The team: Jonny Dove, Stephen Reid, Leon Hardy, Petar Jelicic, Wes Henry, Tarik Dallas, Miguel Baker, Tommy Lozano, Dylan Hassan, Justin Arthur and Jadson Chinoda.


Year 9 Football

The Year 9 boys kicked off their start to football at Mark Rutherford on Thursday 10th October 2013, with an impressive 5-2 win over Hastingsbury School in the first round of the County Cup. A total of 16 players from year 9 took part in the game.

Marky got off to a flying start with their first attack which saw Ertone Bomolo power his way through the Hastingburys team and score the first goal of the game to make the game 1-0 to Rutherford. In difficult windy conditions and a high pressing play from the Marky team, led by loud communication from captain Lewis Lodge, Hastinbury found it difficult to get out of their own half. On the 5 minute mark, Marky were hit with a blow, where one of their main attackers Joe Clark had  come off injured after a strong tackle from the Hastingbury full back. Connor McEvoy covered up for the loss of Joe by adding a second goal. Two minutes later he was then brought down for a penalty. Unfortunately, Marky narrowly missed this opportunity although did not let it affect the team, where Ertone soon added another 2 goals to finish the half 4-0 and Ertone with a hat trick.
With Marky now running against the strong wind and rain it now became a more difficult game, and two set pieces from Hastingbury saw them get back into the game at 4-2. Marky then had to dig deep and fight for every ball. A goal line clearance from Ertone, tough tackling from Michael Czuba, Stephen Mabberley and Kamron Bogla helped the team through this rough period. Once the rain stopped Marky started attacking again and 5 minutes before the end of the game a square quick ball from Adam White to Ryan Kelly, who then played an accurate through ball pass to Ertone who smashed in the 5th goal. The game finished 5-2 and was a good first outing for the new footballers at Mark Rutherford.

James Hymers, Kamron Bagol, Callum Roberts, Ollie Hymers, Kristian Marciano, Michael Czuba, Max Wilson Gibbs, Stephen Mabberley, Joe Seward-Clark, , Jamie Henson, Lewis Lodge, Connor Mcevoy, Adam White, Ryan Kelly, Steven Hollyhand and Ertone Bomolo

It was also excellent to see year 9 peer support from fellow students lead by Eugene Holmes, Jordan Petruccelli, Vitor Ferraz and Oliver Hearn.

Congratulationsto the following 3 sixth formers, Daniel Camfield, Brad Harris and George Clayton who gave up their own time to officiate the game in a very professional manner.


Under 16 Girls Football

On Thursday 10th October 2013, the U16 girls football team travelled to Stratton to play the second of their district league fixtures.

After their loss 2 weeks ago the girls were keen to not repeat that performance, and this showed from the start. Their formation was much stronger as players got used to their positions which limited any drifting towards the ball. Safia Begum, Mekeeda Austin and Simran Panesar were solid in defence – knocking away any early opportunities made by the Stratton attack. Alisha Bhatti was on form again this week, dribbling past players, working hard both in the attack, and dropping back deep to get the ball out from the defensive half. One early goal from Chloe Williams was then quickly followed by a fast break from Stratton who whipped one past Hannah Deverick in goal. This was quickly followed by a goal from Eboni Hinds in retaliation. The first half ended 2-1 to Mark Rutherford.

The girls went out even stronger in the second half, the ball spend most of the time on our attacking half. A mid way change saw Hannah Deverick move from goal keeper to defence, switching with Courtney Coulson –  who then immediately had to deal with a free kick at goal! She saved it easily and Rutherford were once again on the attack. Some lovely balls from Alisha Bhatti set Chloe Williams up a second, third and fourth time – Williams scored all three! Although Alisha Bhatti didn’t finish any of the goals she selflessly set others up throughout the game with her excellent through balls and crosses into the top of the box. Team: Chloe Williams, Hannah Deverick, Courtney Coulson, Simran Panesar, Alisha Bhatti, Romy- Mae Longmuir, Safia Begum, Alix Litchfield, Eboni Hinds, Mekeeda Austin.


Year 9 Netball

The year 9 netball team had a storming first evening down at the Bunyan Centre on Tuesday 8th October 2013.

The first of 3 matches was against Samuel Whitbread. Mark Rutherford took a few minutes to settle and work together, which reflected the half time score of 3 - 4. After the first half Mark Rutherford had settled down and got into a good attacking rhythm with some wonderful movement onto the edge of the circle by Nadine Sutherland-McWilliams feeding lovely balls in to a well-positioned Lucy Henderson at Goal Attack. Our defence were also backing up to the third line offering additional support to our attacking players. The final score was a nail biting 9-7 to Mark Rutherford.

Next up, Bedford Academy. After having a 15 minute rest between the fixture, our girls were well rested and raring for another win! They had an absolute stormer of a match – Amber Gibson-Gray was all over the Bedford Academy WA stealing some fantastic interceptions. Hannah Stanyard who had been working tirelessly at GK had a bit of an ankle twinge after a dodgy fall and needed a few minutes to compose herself, switching off with Jazzie Aerts. This change of players did not disrupt the girls rhythm and the final score ended at 6-2.

Our final game was against Biddenham Sports College. The girls were growing tired and this clearly showed in the first quarter – they were beginning to lose their fight, loose balls were not being chased and missed shots were not being rebounded – leaving us trailing behind at half time. With a few words at half time and some input from Eboni Hinds who ‘doesn’t do losing’ the girls went out to finish the game off. Heads held high they played a steadier game and fought for everything. They finished their third and final game very tired, but very happy as they had managed to claw the score back ending the game 12 – 7 to Mark Rutherford.

Yasmin Rounding, Lucy Henderson, Nadia Wedderburn, Amber Gibson Gray, Nadine Sutherland McWilliams (Captain), Eboni Hinds, Jazzie Aerts, Hannah Stanyard


Year 11 Rugby

The year 11 Rugby team travelled to Bedford Athletics Stadium on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 to take part in the Super 10’s County Rugby Festival. This 10 a-side format was new to most of the boys and it took them a little while to adapt. Unfortunately during this time they met the 2 strongest teams in the competition in Sharnbrook and Wootton.
1st up was Sharnbrook and despite some periods of pressure Rutherford were unable to convert their possession and conceded a couple of late tries to start the day with defeat.

Up next were an excellent Wootton side who dominated the 10 minute match. If it were not for some excellent defensive work from the likes of Liam Sutton and Nathan and Robbie Taylor the score could have been a lot worse.
The next two games showed much promise and things began to ‘click’. The style of rugby and tactics discussed throughout began to work and the boys confidence grew as a result. A solitary try from Tarik Dallas proved to be enough to secure victory but with a little bit more composure the score line could have been even better.

The final game of the day saw Rutherford meet Stratton. The lads were really up for it now and spent 9 of the 10 minutes inside the opponents 22. Excellent finishes from Rory Watkinson and Eric Vermuelen (playing his first ever game of rugby) following some very good team play gave Rutherford a 10-0 lead. Stratton managed to score and convert with virtually the last play of the game but Rutherford held on for a deserved victory.

Overall a very good day with some really promising performances, both individually and as a team.

Team: Dontae Brown, Rory Watkinson, Nathan Taylor, Robbie Taylor, Brodie Longmuir, Liam Sutton, Eric Vermuelen, Kane Osborne-Walker, Harvey Pegler, Tarik Dallas, Ben Kearsley, Wes Henry, Roshun Kumar, Joe Kvilums, George Maddams.


Under 16 Boys Football

On Monday 30th September 2013, we took the year 11 boys to Redborne to compete in the first round of the County Cup. 
With very little training under their belt this season, the boys football seemed a little rusty at times.  Some wayward passes, some headless chicken moments and some old fashion hoofs up the pitch.  They soon started finding their feet however and played some decent football.  Passes started finding their mark and intelligent runs were starting to be made.  Soon enough this paid off and James Watkinson put the ball into the back of the net after some good approach play.  Before long, the boys found themselves into a 0-2 lead after some more good approach play from Adam Sage who played a nice through ball to James Watkinson again who calmly slotted the ball home.  The hosts came close to a goal themselves from a free kick but they failed to beat an excellent James Colgrave who performed an excellent save to tip it over the bar (picture below).  Rutherford continued to play some good football in the first half and a nice through ball from Tarik Dallas set James up for his hattrick to make it 0-3.  Soon enough Rutherford were awarded a penalty and James Watkinson who had already scored 3 goals, stepped up and scored from the spot. 

The second half was more evenly balanced but this was as a result of some complacency from the visitors.  Failing to make a challenge at the correct time led them to diving in and conceding a penalty to allow the home side to get onto the score sheet.  Redborne tried hard to get back into the game but couldn’t find a way past Rutherfords back 4.  Soon enough, Rory Watkinson burst through and chipped the ball over an on rushing keeper to make the score 1-5. 

Some glimpses of good things to come from this team and an excellent performance from Man of the Match James Watkinson scoring 4 of the 5 goals. 


Sixth Form Basketball

The Sixth Form team stormed past Wootton on Wednesday 25th September. A truly dominant performance from the team and in particular Petar Jelacic, Tommy Lozano and Leon Hardy proved far too good for Wootton. If there was ever a moment to prove one teams dominance, Leon provided it in the 3rd quarter when he powered past two defenders and slam-dunked over a third before casually hanging from the basket and looking over his shoulder at the despairing defenders below him.
All members of the team put in an excellent performance resulting in a very comfortable 53-28 victory. That is now 2 wins from 2 games with 5 to go.

Team (from left to right): Tommy Lozano, Wesley Henry, Stephen Reid, Leon Hardy, Tarik Dallas, Jonny Dove, Petar Jelacic and Miguel Baker.

U18 Basketball

Last week, the under 18 basketball team consisting of 2 6th former students, 4 year 11students and 1 year 10 player played their first league game of the season against local and arch rivals St Thomas More. 

With no training yet this year the boys were feeling a little low in confidence. Darius La Band turned up to coach the team and he didn’t let them down.  He quickly got into his stride on the touch line and started ordering the team about.  George Gentle also assisted with the coaching.
The team started off rusty and gave away 2 baskets very cheaply. They soon got over this rustiness however, and managed to get the ball through the net.  Spurred on by coach carter on the sidelines, the boys took full control and didn’t look back.  Even Stephen Reid who hasn’t played in over a year managed to get in on the act and score a basket.  Then Petar Jelicic controlled the play and scored with some great lay-ups, and Leon Hardy was always at hand for re-bounds if some of the shooting was a little off target. 
The end score was 27-52 to Mark Rutherford.  The next game is next week against Wootton on Wednesday 25 September 2013.

Stephen Reid
Johnny Dove
Petar Jelicic
Tarik Dallas
Leon Hardy
Wesley Henry
Tommy Lozano


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