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Sports News 2012-2013

U19 Mixed Volleyball Tournament


On Monday 8th July, 10 students travelled to Biddenham to compete in an U19 Mixed Volleyball Tournament. The pupils were fantastic, the team talk on the bus obviously was too, as we came away with 1st and 3rd place being the only team in the competition to beat the very well drilled Samuel Whitbread who finished 2nd. This is a fantastic result but even more so as the warm up game was the first time the majority of our team had played volleyball.

U19 Volley

The team were as follows:

Louis Porcelli
James Hirst
Jonny Dove
Becca Smith
George Maddams
Molly Belcher
Simran Panesar
Emma Wrigley
Tom Mead
Imran Shah


Year 10 Athletics

On Wednesday 19th June, a group of year 10's met for their final athletics meet of the season and had some fantastic results.


* Donte Brown came 3rd in shot put with a throw of 9.13 meters- 10 cms off the winning throw.
* Molly Simpson won 200m
* Emma Wrigley 2nd in 300m
* Josh Griggs 2nd in 800m
* Girls 4x100m relay team won!
* Mekeeda Austin 1st in 100m

…and what has to be the best evidence for 'always have a go' Donte Brown entered the 200m at the last minute wearing Vans and won ahead of 5 other very 'pro' looking athletes!



Bedfordshire AAAs championship - 26th May 2013

We nominated students that we believed to have the necessary talent to enter this competition. Tarik Dallas was entered into the discus competition for junior men. Tarik was the overall winner of the event representing MRUS and was awarded a medal for his efforts. He would have been competing against other young athletes from across Bedfordshire, a fantastic acheivement.



District Athletics Championships 2013

Wednesday 22nd May 2013, Bedford Athletic Stadium - Overall, a very satisfying day. Virtually every single track athlete qualified for their finals and there were a number of excellent results. Every athlete competed well in the field events and Rutherford came away with some very notable results. Performances of particular note were as follows:

JW 100

Junior Girls (year 9)
Toni Wright-Brown - 4th in Discus
Toni Wright-Brown - 3rd in 200m
Agne Zarombaite - 2nd in Discus (20cm behind 1st place!)

Intermediate Girls (year 10 & 11)
Danni Gibson-Gray - 4th in 100m
Molly Simpson - 4th in 200m
Lois Cox - 4th in 3000m
Mekeeda Austin - 3rd in Shot Putt
Also a special mention for Zoe Constant in year 9 who ran against yr10 and 11 girls, finishing 5th in the 300m Hurdles.

Junior Boys
Aaron Thomas - 2nd in 300m
Matt Birchall - 1st in 200m
Justin Arthur - 1st in 100m

The relay team, with these results and finshing 1st in the heats, went into the final as favourites. However, they dropped the baton at the 2nd changeover and came home in 6th place.

Intermediate Boys
James Watkinson - 4th in Long Jump
Roshun Kumar - 4th in 400m Hurdles
Kane Osborne-Walker - 3rd in 100m Hurdles
Josh Griggs - 2nd in 800m
Matt Marsom - 1st in 3000m
Tarik Dallas - 1st in Discus

Senior Boys
4 x 100m Relay team (Jack Swain, Wes Bradley, George Darlow and Jonny Dove) - 2nd place
Jack Swain - 1st in Javelin


Both girls teams finished 8th out of 17 schools.
The Junior boys finished joint 9th but a relay win would have seen them finish joint 7th.
The Intermediate boys team was our best team on the day finishing in a very respectable 5th position. Again, a better relay could have seen them finish as high as 3rd overall!


Year 10 rounders results

Rutherford won the toss and fielded first. They fielded well, keeping the Sharnbrpok score to a minimum, stopping lots of the shots between 2nd and 3rd post quickly to prevent giving away many half rounders. Our batting innings was not one of our best – our big hitters were not hitting the balls far enough tonight to clear the deep field so lots of the balls were being quickly passed in to 2nd post to prevent us from scoring anything. The score at half time was a measly 0.5 – 4.


Our fielding in the second half was good, Simran Panesar and Becca Smith made some brilliant catches of some of their better players keeping the score down. To our relief our second batting innings was much better! A good risk by Beth Masih saw her steal a lucky rounder from Sharnbrooks fielding mistakes, along with a handful of halfs collected by Emma, Chloe, Abi and Anni.

Althoug the girls worked hard the final score was 4 – 10 to Sharnbrook.

Woman of the match was Simran Panesar for her superb catches throughout the game – well done Simran!

Under 14 Girls Rounders


The U14 girls played their second round of matches tonight against Stratton and Bedford Girls B.

The first game against Stratton started in lovely sunshine but that was soon stolen by the looming clouds ahead –the mad rush to don football boots before leaving school was well worth it! The Stratton team were less prepared and found playing on the wet grass very difficult. We took advantage of this and ensured that we fielding in the balls quickly but safely into 2nd post – stopping any half rounders. This worked very well and only let Stratton score 1.5 rounders in the first innings. Rutherford were hitting some lovely long balls and racked up a number of full rounders – the girls are now starting to play their batting innings more tactically risking being ‘out’ on the later balls whilst trying to steal half rounders. The second innings we had wind, hail and torrential rain –we  stopped play for the worst of it but after we resumed the girls played another very tight fielding innings and batted strongly. Amy Thomas in particular  had some lovely shots into the deep field.

The final score was 16.6 MRS – 3.5 Stratton

Second game was going to be much harder – Bedford Girls B. As we walked over we could see them practising, they had some very consistent hitters. As we had won the toss we got to field first and adjusted the teams positioning to cater for these big hitters. Rutherford fielded very well. Some excellent bowling by Agne made the first few bowls very difficult for the batters to utilise. On the occasions where they did connect the ball was swiftly collected and fielded back in to 3rd base – stopping lots of whole rounders. Emily Pocock made a superb catch off a very high hit to put one of their batters out. Unfortunately out batting innings did not go as well as previous games and our big hitters seemed to have left their batting arms in the last game! A very good try by the team but unfortunately the final score was 14 – 7 to Bedford Girls B.

Woman of the match – Amy Thomas for her excellent batting into the deep field.


Under 15 Girls Rounders


The year 10 Dream Team played Stratton and Bedford Girls B in the their second round of the premier league fixtures.

Despite only fielding 8 players (normally teams of 9) our girls had a storming start against Stratton. Abi Hunter and her newly found skills in spin bowling allowed both their number 1 and 2 batters to be caught out from behind in consecutive bowls by backshop Molly Simpson! A fantastic fielding innings along with a good batting innings saw us in the lead with 4.5 – 1 rounders in the first innings.

We lost  another player in the second innings due to  medical appointment, but the girls continued their fantastic fielding and managed to put the Stratton side under a lot of pressure when batting allowing them steal lots of half rounders.

The final score was 13 – 3.5 to Mark Rutherford.

Our second game was against Bedford Girls B. Our 7 players batted first and applied the same pressure as their Stratton game – this clearly worked well as we were up 3.5 – 2.5 at half time.
Our batting was even more impressive in the second innings especially from Molly Simpson and Emma Wrigley scoring 2.5 rounders each out of their 3 bats, along with a collection of half’s and wholes from a number of the other players.

The final score was 10.5 – 7 to Mark Rutherford!


The girls were fantastic – they showed an excellent work rate and a great deal of sportsmanship. The female teacher of Bedford Girls also commended them on this at the end of the game.

Finally - Well Done to Esther Clay who has been learning how to umpire school rounders fixtures as part of her DofE award and has given up her Thursday evenings to help out with both school teams at their fixtures.


Under 15 Boys Cricket


Tom Mead, Reece Gascoyne, Sam Cole, Matt Gurney (Captain), Callum Grindley, Ashwin Ganger
Adam Holder, Harry Chinn, Jonny Field, Daniel Hare, Chris Kirtley

The under 15 boys cricket team played their first match of the season yesterday afternoon against local rivals St Thomas More in surprisingly nice conditions given the recent weather we have experienced.  To claim local bragging rights, both schools are always keen to give 100% in order to win and usually the games are as close as the Championship playoff semi-final between Leicester and Watford this year.  This year and in this game however, it wasn’t even remotely close.  One team was clearly superior on this occasion and happily it was Mark Rutherford. 

After the resultant toss-up between the captains, STM were put into bat first and after the first over Jonny Field had given away 0 runs for 1 wicket.  The second over bowled by Reece Gascoyne (stepping in last minute for an absentee) was also a great show of good bowling as he didn’t give away any runs either and took a wicket which resulted in another wicket maiden over.  Jonny came in to bowl the 3rd over and his 2nd and although he gave away 3 runs he also managed to hit the stumps again with his accurate bowling and that left STM on 3 for 3.  The schools had earlier decided that a wide ball would result in 2 extra runs and no additional ball to be bowled and this proved to be STM’s highest scorer (18 runs).  The wickets came toppling thick and fast after some great bowling from Reece, Jonny, Adam and Daniel and some great catches from Tom and Harry.  STM were all out after only 10.2 overs scoring 23 runs. 

Mark Rutherford then went to pad up and soon the opening pair of Captain Matt Gurney and Callum Grindley took to the crease with Matt making his intentions clear by asking the umpire for leg stump straight away.  They struggled at first as the ball skidded low on the pitch on occasions and one caught Callum out and hit leg stump.  Chris Kirtley then came in at number 3 and wearing the number 13 shirt he came in to prove it wasn’t an unlucky number.  As it happens, Chris was walking back after 1 ball (“thanks for giving me that shirt sir” he said after the game).  Harry Chinn then came in and looked confident straight away.  Matt was keen to finish this game off quickly and after hitting a 4, 6 and then another 4, the game was over.  It took them 4 overs to win the game which was a fantastic result. 

Bowling stats (wickets to runs conceded)

J Field – 3-10 off 4 overs
R Gascoyne – 4-7 off 4 overs
D Hare – 2-2 off 1.2 overs
A Holder – 0-4 off 1 over

Batting stats

M Gurney – 17 not out
C Grindley – 1
C Kirtley – 0
H Chinn – 1

Extras – 6


U14 Rounders winning streak!

U14 R

The team were: Lauren Barry (Captain), Toni Wright-Brown, Lauren Wright, Nav Gahir, Joy Kissindja,
Ami Thomas, Sofia Cassan, Emily Pocock, Natasha O’Sullivan, Agne Zarombaite (Woman of the match)
Yolanda Rowe, Ellie Fensome

Thursday 9th May saw the U14 rounders field step out for their first rounders fixtures representing Mark Rutherford. Lauren Barry has been named rounders captain due to her impressive leadership skills on the field during practice sessions.

First up were Biddenham Sports College, Mark Rutherford played a very ‘safe’ first innings, preferring to stop at first rather than put the fielding team under pressure. This showed in the score at half time, a measly 5.5 – 4.5 to Mark Rutherford. After half time when the girls saw how close the opposition were they started using their balls more tactically, sacrificing themselves in order for our bigger hitters to gain more bats, this vastly improved the score, finally winning by 4.5 rounders. MRUS 13.5 - Biddenham 9

Our second match was against a very good Samuel Whitbread side, who came out very strong in their first innings, leaving us behind at half time with a score of 7-4. The girls were determined not to lose this match and worked very hard during the second innings to make this deficit up. Their fielding was much tighter, and they were making more connections with the ball when batting. The girls were delighted when the rounders started to mount up! As the final ball was bowled the score was equal 15-15– the match then has to be decided on the amount of players a team has ‘out'. Samuel Whitbread had 15 rounders with 5 players out, Mark Rutherford had 15 rounders and…….3 players out!!!! Not a great way to win – but still a win all the same! So after their first week of fixtures the U14 rounders team are undefeated.


Woman of the match – Agne Zarombaite, for her exceptional bowling and influence on the game. Very few ‘no balls’ bowled especially in this high wind!


Year 9 students meet World BMX Champion


On Thursday 9th May, a group of around 30 year 9 students were chosen to take part in a practical BMX session and motivational workshop from Mike Mullen, a World Champion in BMX Freestyle.

It was a fantastic morning with students learning practical skills in BMX riding,  and gaining an understanding of the importance of developing motivational skills in preparation for starting their GCSE options.

Football - District Cup Final

Wednesday 8th May 6:30pm, Mark Rutherford kick off in front of a large crowd at AFC Kempston Rovers.
At 6:32pm St. Thomas More take the lead. 1-0

Y10 Cup

The Rutherford team responded well and began to pressurise the STM defence. The blistering pace of Smith and the Watkinson twins caused problems for the opposition all game. The back four of Griggs, Cain, Kvilums and Ackroyd responded well to the early set back and the boys dug deep to ensure no futher goals were conceded. The midfield trio of Macintosh, Dallas and Barron worked tirelessly throughout and created some excellent chances for the front men.
Despite building pressure and James Watkinson drawing an excellent save from the Tommy More keeper, the score remained at 1-0 at the interval.

Y10 District

Snowdon and DiCarlo then worked their magic in the changing room and the team came out raring to go.
3 minutes into the 2nd half and skipper Joe Ackroyd launched a long free kick deep into the STM box. Tarik Dallas rose like a salmon at the back post, outjumped the  goalkeeper and headed his side level. Joyous celebrations from the team and supporters erruptd!

Rutherford were now full of confidence and continued to press forward. STM struggled to deal with the pace of the Rutherford attackers but that vital 2nd goal just wouldn't come.
Adam Sage came on to replace the energetic Kai Smith. Kai had been superb down the left flank, putting in his best performance in a Rutherford shirt. Sage provided more composure on the ball and enabled Rutherford to retain posession, saving vital energy for the latter stages.

Then, with 10 minutes remaining, came the pivotal moment. Dallas brought down a bouncing ball under pressure. He looked up and spotted the run of Rory Watkinson and then lifted a perfectly weighted ball over the helpless centre back. Rory raced through and lobbed the ball over the onrushing keeper to send the crowd wild once again.

Y10 District

It was now just a matter of holding out and sealing a deserved win. Lance Jeffers came off the bench to provide some needed composure and provide support for the excellent Griggs down the right. Goalkeeper James Colgrave, who had been quiet most of the game, added his contribution with a fine save with just seconds remaining on the clock.

Rutherford completed an excellent come back to win the District Cup Final 2-1. An excellent team performance where every single player battled for every ball. A special mention here for unused subs Tom Pigram and Ross Slapp. Ross came off the bench and put in an outstanding performance in the semi-final against Biddenham to help secure a place in the final and Tom has put in excellent performances throughout the season. Unfortunately an injury in the semi gave the opportunity for Lucas Cain and Josh Griggs to step in and both were superb in the games against Biddenham and St. Thomas More.


(L to R) Lucas Cain, Tom Pigram, Josh Griggs, Tarik Dallas, Ross Slapp, Joe Ackroyd (c), Asher Macintosh, Rory Watkinson, James Barron, Max Dickson, Adam Sage, Kai Smith, James Colgrave. Joe Kvilums, James Watkinson, Lance Jeffers.



Click here for the results from the first athletics fixture for year 7 and 8.

Highlights include;
Joey Gascoyne - 1st in Long Jump and 1500m.
Liz Headley - 1st in 1500m.
Ryan Kelly - 1st in 300m.
Jazzy Aerts - 2nd in 800m.
Amina Begum - 2nd in 100m.
Jayden Hibbert-Bown - 3rd in 800m.




Match one against Biddenham began as a close game with only 2 rounders between the score after the first innings, but errors in the fielding during the second innings let Biddenham score more rounders than they really deserved. The final score of match one was a frustrating  15.5-11 to Biddenham.

Match two against Sam Whit was a much better affair. The girls seemed to get into this match, making lots of catches and stopping balls in the short field, passing them in to second base quickly to stop the sneaky half rounders. The team worked very hard in both their fielding and their batting and came away with a well deserved win 13-10 to Mark Rutherford

Match three fielded a depleting team (pushing 6:30 by this time!) with only just about enough team members left to play – against our hardest opposition, Bedford Girls A team (groan). Considering this, the girls were on top form with fantastic reactions in the short field and some very accurate throws in from the deep field, and also batted well against a fast bowler. The score at half time was 5-7 to Mark Rutherford. Unfortunately in the last innings Bedford Girls batters seemed to have got their eye in with lots more balls being scattered into our deep field, leaving the final score 16.5 – 12 to Bedford Girls. Still – not a bad score considering.


A fantastic evening with a great turn out of players – 14 in total! Some excellent performances but notably Makeeda Austin, who dominated both fielding and batting play, scoring a huge total of 12.5 personal rounders this evening. Well Done Keedy!!

Toni Wright Brown - Sporting Success

Toni has been selected to train at the Regional Netball Academy, this  is a huge achievement in the very competitive Bedfordshire netball circuit.

If you have a look at the diagram below she is already well on her way to a promising netball career. Well done Toni!

Netball Toni


Paris Football Tour Easter 2013


During the Easter holidays 48 students and 5 members of staff travelled to Paris to take part in an International football tournament. Three Rutherford teams were entered into the competition, 2 boys teams and 1 girls team with all teams playing matches every day against schools from both the UK and France.


This proved very successfull for our teams with the U15 boys A team winning the entire competition and collecting a MONSTER trophy, the U15 boys B team came 3rd in the shield and the U15 girls team came 2nd in the shield competition - fantastic results from all teams!


Oh and we also spent some time in Disney Land - which was also brilliant!

Bedford, District & County U19 Dodgeball Champions

U19 Dodge

On Friday 8th March 2013, the Mark Rutherford U19 team, currently Bedford and District Champions, played in a ferocious dodgeball tournament at Inspire: Luton Sports Village, in the hope of being crowned County Champions.
The U19 team led by Captain Phil Mead and Vice-Captain Tom Barker, faced an army of All-Saints Academy, despite their unwavering determination and fierce play-style, thanks to a handful of skilful catches from Will Cook and Alex Skeel, the team went on to wipe-out All-Saints in five consecutive games.
Next up was the Luton Sixth Form College; the eventual champions had little resistance in picking them off with several outstanding hits from Arnold Munyati and Vice-Captain Barker. Mark Rutherford ended the game in record time, still remaining undefeated.
The final encounter that Mark Rutherford faced was Wotton Upper School; the end-result of the game would decide the County Champions. The game ahead was tough, nonetheless, there was a distinctive combination of some targeted throwing and some tactical awareness from Captain Mead and Richard McAuley. Wotton Upper made some avoidable mistakes which Mark Rutherford keenly capitalised upon, as a result the balance of power shifted and the team went to win the final. They emerged victorious as Bedfordshire County Champions.
 Congratulations to Philip Mead, Tom Barker, Arnold Munyati, Richard McAuley, Will Cook, Alex Skeel and Reduan Palmariello, the new country champions!


District & County Basketball Champions

The year 9 Basketball Team beat St Thomas More in the Bedford and District finals on Tuesday 5 March and played the Bedfordshire County Finals at the Luton and Bedford School Games on Friday 8 March. At the opening ceremony, there was an inspirational speech from Etienne Stott with videos, some singing and cultural dancing.


After a short journey to the Luton 6th Form College’s new buildings, first up was All Saints from Dunstable which was a bit of a one sided affair which we won 30 – 4. Next was Barnfield South from Luton a much tougher competition that left our players with many cuts and bruises, but nonetheless we were able to win by the end of the battle 10-9. The last game was effectively the final against the best from Mid Bedfordshire, Samuel Whitbread, both teams having two wins each. The game was a tough one, both teams had the lead at different points, but at the end of the game it was 16 all. The game was decided by ‘the Golden Basket’ whichever team scored first would win. Samuel Whitbread had the ball under our basket and looked favourite to win. Several shots later we regained the basketball, took it down the other end and Jan Yilmaz made a move towards the basket and was fouled. This led to two free shots and all the pressure was on him. He stepped up to the line, looked nervous, took his shot and it bounced out. One hundred students and staff went quiet, Jan went to that lonely place that many sportsman have been. It goes in, he is a hero, he misses and the other team score he is a villain. He looked up, put himself into the BEEF it Up position (Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow-through) and forgot the last part of the acronym U shape in the arm – he released the ball, it hit the backboard and went in. The crowd applauded and the team erupted into absolute delirious celebration – The team had won 17-16. Once they regained composure they were respectful and magnanimous in winning, standing to applaud the Samuel Whitbread team when they collected their medals.


As a result of winning, they now have to play St Bedes from Cambridgeshire away in the National Basketball Competition.


U16 Girls County Cup football

U16 County

The under 16 girls faced Samuel Whitbread in the second round of the County Cup after receiving a bye from the first round. There were rumblings amongst the team of an England player on the Sam Whit side – and the rumours were true!

The girls battled incredibly hard against a very strong side, Rutherford worked 100% the whole game and didn’t let the Sam Whit girls get into their heads. Unfortunately though the final score was 8-0. Hannah Deverick had a superb match – made some spectacular saves and dives on the ball, even being congratulated by the opposition!

Woman of the match – Hannah Deverick


Year 9 Basketball...Update

As the year 9's move from childhood to adulthood, they will need to learn more about a close shave – Whilst playing this season every game was a ‘close shave’. The first game against St Thomas More was won 40-36 (just two baskets in front at the end). The second game against Wootton was even closer; we won -19-17 (Just 1 basket in it). The third game against Biddenham Sports College was even closer – The team without Thommy Lozano were behind for most of the game –then a sudden burst of ambition, pride and determination saw the boys triumphant by just one point. There were two other games in the league, but as we have won all our matches, we are now in the semi-finals against Hastingsbury.

Watch this space!



Running for England on the plains in Spain!

Ben Alcock - The Gran Premio Cáceres de Campo a Través held as Almaraz in Western Spain.


Following on from Ben Alcock's win at the Bedford and Luton School cross country championship on Wednesday at Ampthill Park, Ben competed for England Junior Mens team in completely different conditions 4 days later. The English runners led the field, eventually dropping all of the Spanish opposition by half way with Ben finishing in 4th place. The course was unlike British conditions being run on a flat, firm and very fast circuit, with almost running track type conditions.


On Thursday 7 February, the U16 and U19 dodgeball teams played in a furious and ferocious dodgeball tournament at the Bunyan centre in the hope of being crowned local champions.

The U19 team led by captain Phil Mead faced an army of Hastingsbury boys wearing an assortment of home made knitted hats – this interesting attire did not put Rutherford off. Phil and his team managed to beat these boys in almost straight matches. I think the Hastingbury boys were quite glad of the protection these knitted hats gave them – I would have loved to see how fast some of the balls thrown by Phil were travelling!

Next up was Bedford Academy – again with some strong leadership and excellent team tactics the boys had no problem in showing these boys how to play dodgeball properly.

The U19’s won the tournament convincingly and have now made it through to represent the County at the Winter School Games on the 8th of March at Inspire Sports Village, Luton.

Wish the boys luck: Phil Mead, Will Cook, Tom Barber, Richard Mcauley, Arnold Munyati, Reduan Palmariello



The U16 team started well winning their first 2 matches against Bedford Academy team 4 and Bedford Academy team 6 but started to go downhill from there. The strength of some of the teams with a full year 11 squad was just too much for our mixture of year 9, 10 and 11 boys. They still battled on and despite losing their next 3 matches, they still gave each team a run for their money! They finished 4th out of 11 teams – a great achievement.

The U16 consisted of James Gazeley, Dante Brown, Matt Marsom, Ben Hammond, Tom Mead, Justin Arthur, Jason Singh.



On Tuesday 5 February, we entered 17 students in a dry rowing competition held at St Thomas More.  It was a long afternoon as the competition ran from 4-6.30pm and was quite draining for the students.  Nevertheless, they all enjoyed it and are raring to go for the next competition which will be in March.  Most notable performances were from Darren Sangster who came 2nd, Emma Wrigley and Molly Simpson 3rd and 4th respectively, Robbie Taylor 3rd, Bayley Longmuir 3rd & Romy-Mae Longmuir 3rd in their respective age groups.  The girls team also came 3rd in the group event and the boys A team came 3rd as well. 

Please congratulate the crew and wish them all the best for competition in March.



The year 9 boys played in their county cup ¼ final match against Samuel Whitbread on Tuesday 29 January 2013.  Having only played one fixture together as a team, they were very inexperienced and this showed in the performance especially early doors.  The match was dominated in terms of possession by the home team (Sam Whit) although they didn’t carve out too many chances.  Markys back four seemed nervous and this factor nearly gifted some chances to the opposition.  Nevertheless, Marky managed to shut them out and kept the 1st half score to 0-0.  The 2nd half saw some words of encouragement as well as things the players really needed to work on if they were to win the game.  Some changes to the team were made and new faces got a run out.  The added pace up front showed instantly for Marky and midway through the 2nd half after some good work from Jakob Koziel, Daniel Lewis smashed in a shot past the opposition keeper from inside the box.  Sam Whit continued to dominate possession but were nervous with the pace Marky possessed in attack.  If some better balls were played, Marky would have scored another goal or 2 but this wasn’t to be.  Instead, it was a loose ball which got lobbed over Jack McGrath and although he got his hand to it, he accidentally helped it in to the net.  This goal came towards the end of the game and the worst was to follow.  With strong winds to deal with, Sam Whit gained a corner which ended up getting caught in the wind and swerved directly into the goal.  The dip was such that it would have been difficult for anyone to keep it out.  Marky charged forward in the dying seconds and should have gained a free kick if not a penalty when Daniel got pulled back but it wasn’t to be.  The game ended 2-1 to Samuel Whitbread.  Man of the match was Daniel Lewis (see below). 



A small group of students from school took part in the district cross country on Wednesday afternoon.  The conditions were awful as there were high winds and boggy surfaces to endure.  Nevertheless the team did well and a few of them managed to qualify for the county finals which will be next week Wednesday.  Please congratulate the students who took part and wish the qualifiers all the best for next week.

Kieran Luck – 16th (junior boys)
Lios Cox – 16th (intermediate girls)
Stephen Headley – 3rd (intermediate boys)
Andrew Headley – 4th (intermediate boys)
Josh Griggs – 5th (intermediate boys)
Matt Marsom – 6th (intermediate boys)

Other runners outside the top 16
Ben Hammond
Cameron Edwards
Yolanda Rowe
Jacky Fioravanzo
Adam Sage



After 15 months of injuries Ben has returned to form this season in Cross Country with top performances in Chiltern League races at Shuttleworth and Slough, and a win at the Beds and Bucks County Championships in Milton Keynes. His results have caught the attention of England selectors who picked him to run for the English Junior men’s team.

Ben made his international debut running for England on 20th January in the Under 20 men’s Celtic International Cross Country at Blackweir Fields in Cardiff, competing against Welsh, Irish and Scottish teams as well as athletes in the McCain UK Cross Challenge.

The race was three laps (7k) around a relatively flat but snow covered course in the centre of Cardiff. From the start Ben settled in near the front just behind the leaders and after the first lap he was in 8th place. As the race progressed he steadily worked his way through and at the end of the second lap had moved up to 6th. On the final lap he continued to gain places and finished a creditable 4th. He was the 2nd England runner home.

Ben has also been invited to run for England again, this time in Spain. He is due to race on Sunday 10th February 2013 at Almaraz in Western Spain. The event is called the ‘Gran Premio Caceres de campo a traves Almaraz’.It will be a 7km cross country course known as ‘La Camadilla’, and may be racing athletes from Africa as well as Europe!

Ben A

COMMUNITY COHESION - Basketball result V's Lea Manor (Luton)

This was a battle between last year’s Bedford and District champions and last year’s Luton District Champions. On a floor that would have suited a dancing on ice competition the boys were a little slow off the blocks going down 14 – 7 in the first quarter. Similarly in the second quarter they were outscored 2 to 1. It was not until the third quarter which they won did they start their come back. It was all a little too late though as they lost 52 – 32. On another day with a bit of training this was a winnable game – nonetheless all the boys should be congratulated on representing the school well.


Sports Leader News

On Friday 7th December I took some Year 10 sports leaders to help assist and run the Year 7 & 8 sports hall athletics competition at the Bunyan Centre.  The competition involved 8 schools, each consisting of 10 athletes who competed in a number of indoor track and field events which the sports leaders ran and officiated. 

The leaders were very good on the day and it was a great chance to see them putting into practice what they had been learning over the past 5 months.  All showed great control, confidence and enthusiasm; and some demonstrated excellent motivational skills, initiative and organisation.  It wouldn’t be fair to single out any outstanding achievers as they all did very well.

A big thank you to Jonathan Newman (PGCE English) who helped on the day. 

Izzy Wicks and Kelley Knights leading on standing long jump


The shutter speed on the camera was not enough to cope with Molly Simpsons enthusiasm shown here.

Jason Camfield, Connor Lambert & Liam Sutton officiating in the track events.  Adam Sage was in the 1st lane (don’t know where he disappeared to!)

Lucinda Fensom, Lucia Hardisty, Mekeeda Austin, Chloe Williams, Danielle Gibson-Gray, Tilly Abraham, Robert Henderson, Kelley Knights, Beth Marsom, Izzy Wicks, Kim Cox, Emma Wrigley, Nathan Martin
Lois Cox, Jacob Hills, Olivia Foord, Molly Simpson, Anny Li


Bentley Rounding, Liam Sutton, Connor Lambert, Nathan Taylor, Mateusz Piernicki, Robbie Taylor, Ross Slapp, Adam Sage, Jason Camfield, Dilyn Addo, Tom Pigram, Harvey Pegler, Sonny Stijelja



U14 Netball

The Year nine girls  had their final matches of the netball season this evening and were up against their toughest opponents in the league (and the weather!!)

Despite the freezing temperatures and blanket of fog that decided to join in the girls played well against both rivals. Alisha Bhatti made some superb interceptions whilst playing WD, and Alex, Emily and Toni worked the ball round well in attack. The whole team were as always a credit to the school.

The final scores were: MRS 1 Bedford Girls school 20 and MRS 3 Harlington 12

The girls should be congratulated: Emily Wright, Alex Young, Toni Wright Brown, Emily Pocock, Sophia Cassan, Alisha Bhatti
Anna Jama and Nav Gahir.

Player of the match – Alisha Bhatti – for her excellent interceptions



Girls County Handball Team- 2 Rutherford Students Selected!

Congratulations to Molly Simpson and Emma Wrigley who were both selected last night for the County Handball Team. They went through two gruelling selection processes to be chosen – there were over 50 girls that trialled for this team so they have done very well to be selected! As well as training and matches throughout the year the girls will be going to London in January to represent Bedfordshire in the Regional Championships. Considering the girls have only been playing handball for the last couple of week this is a huge achievement.


South of England Inter-Counties Cross Country Competition

On Saturday 8th December, Stephen and Andrew took part at the South of England Inter-Counties Cross Country Competition. 

Stephen came 31st and Andrew 50th. Both more than 20 places better than they did in the equivalent race last year, despite moving up an age group.

Stephen was the 4th finisher from the County and Andrew the 6th from the County.

They should be congratulated on their achievements.

Andrew Headley
Stephen Headley



U16's Basketball V's Biddenham SPorts College

To host a basketball match it takes a team who work hard behind the scenes. These three heroes, after doing a risk assessment on the condition of the floor spent 15 minutes ensuring the surface on which the competitors played upon was safe. Others who played their part were Arnold Leung (Who was a table official – recording who scored, when they scored, who fouled, when they fouled etc etc) Huseyn Ceren  was another table official in charge of timekeeping and  Conor Tatham who kept the score for the players and coaches to see. A big thank you to them all.

The game started at 3.45pm, with James Gazeley scoring the first points. This was followed by a hail of baskets from Alex ‘the hair’ Holland to leave Marky 15 – 0 up part way through the first quarter. By the end of the quarter the boys were 32 – 1 up. By half time the score was 57 – 9 to Marky. The third quarter saw some wasted opportunities for Marky to extend their lead even further, but nevertheless it ended 73 – 21. With a 100 point game a real option the last quarter was dramatic, but it ended 97 – 25 in Marky’s favour –All the boys should be congratulated.



Boys Badminton

The Year 10 boys should be congratulated on a great result, they came third, out of 14 teams, only being beaten by Bedford School  who they met in the semi final and Biddenham 1st team. The boys were fantastic representatives of the  school both in play, attitude and behaviour. Well done to Adam Sage, Mikey Goulding, Tarik Dallas and Daniel Hare.


Mark Rutherford U16’s v Sharnbrook Upper School

This group of interesting characters turned up to play what they knew would be a challenging match against the strongest side in the league. (NB: New Kit on its way) It all started so well with Marky winning the tip and James …. Scoring the first basket. Then there was an onslaught from Ellis (The player who upset the 6th forms dreams of winning the league) where he scored eight un-answered points. Like a boxer that was hit in the head the Marky team wobbled and were not able to punch back leaving the score at 26 – 8 in favour of Sharnbrook. A few words during the break and some renewed energy saw a resurgent Mark Rutherford team outscore Sharnbrook in the second quarter by 18 points to leave the score 32 all at half time. The crowd went wild with enthusiasm and cheered the team all the way through the quarter – the home team advantage was having an effect.

The second half saw Sharnbrook put points on the board whilst Marky were wasteful with the opportunities that came their way. The last quarter was a little more even, however the third quarter was decisive and meant that the final score was 69 – 47 to Sharnbrook. Their top player was influential; he scored nearly half their points (30) and we were unable to stop his successful and effective touch on the game. Our top scorer Anthony Philips followed by Alex Holland did well.
The next game for the team is against Biddenham – a win would seal a runner’s up spot in this years championship.

Dry Rowing Competition

We took the students below, including Omar Naseri who had to leave early, to compete in the dry rowing competition at Biddenham Upper School on Tuesday 4 December.

As you can see from their smiles (ok Oscar looks grumpy) they all enjoyed taking part.  I have copied in the results below which were very good, especially due to the fact that many of them were competing for the first time.  Only Darren, Molly, Emma & Romy-Mae are rowers.   


Year 9



Distance - m - (4min)
























Bedford Academy










Mark Rutherford





Bedford Academy





Mark Rutherford




















Mark Rutherford



















Year 9



Distance - m - (4min)














Mark Rutherford










Mark Rutherford













Year 10



Distance - m - (5min)









Mark Rutherford





Bedford Academy





St Thomas More










Mark Rutherford





Mark Rutherford










St Thomas More




Year 10



Distance - m - (5min)














Mark Rutherford





Mark Rutherford

































Year 11



Distance - m - (6min)









Mark Rutherford









St Thomas More




Year 11



Distance - m - (6min)














St Thomas More




















Mark Rutherford




















Time min/secs (2000m)


Biddenham 1



Bedford Academy/ St Thomas More



Mark Rutherford 2



Sharnbrook A



Biddenham 2



Mark Rutherford 1



Sharnbrook B



Sharnbrook C



Biddenham 3



6th Form Basketball V's St Mary's Basketball Academy - Community Cohesion

The 6th Form endured an arduous journey to the outskirts of London in Cheshunt to play a newly formed Basketball Academy coached by one of  the country’s finest ex British National Team Coach. Unfortunately, due students leaving we had 6 players to their 12. The game was in the English School National League and started well with a good basket by Jonny Dove. Then followed a succession of baskets from St Mary’s leaving the score 14 -6 after the first quarter. The second quarter saw both teams double their scores and at half time the score was 30-13. Though there were patches of good work from our boys they were unable to compensate for having so few players against a fit and organised side, whose constant substitutions meant they were able to play at a pace that saw our boys physically shattered by the end of the game. On the way home most slept from their exhaustion.

The boys deserve to be congratulated for the manner and approach in which they played. They maintained focus and worked hard to play their best throughout the game, they kept their heads held high and were congratulated warmly by the opposistion.


Community Cohesion - U19 Basketball V's Biddenham Sports College

With OFSTED still in the building the boys set out to the nearest sports college knowing that a win would mean that with only one loss in the league for each team this match was for the runner’s up spot. Despite Darius Leband missing the bus we had a full team and were ready for the challenge. OFSTED was to the back of their minds – thoughts about parents evening were still around.

Carl Stevens was on fire in the early part of the game, which was hotly contested by Biddenham Sports College. Biddenham’s top player had an immediate effect collecting rebounds at both ends and scoring alarmingly with some ease.

Captain marvel George Gentle stepped up his game to nearly completely nullify this threat, which allowed Imran Shah to score with some ease at the other end.  Dominic Mawdsley, Jonny Dove and new boy Thomas Luzano were able to put in excellent performances to leave the score 56-27 to Mark Rutherford – 2012 Bedford and District Runner’s up – I should also mention the two almighty dunks by George Gentle during the game which was a disheartening sight for the Biddenham players including one of our former players and Biddenhams top scorer Joshua Campbell.


Climbing Competition at Big Rock

The following pupils competed in a national youth climbing competition this evening at Big Rock in Milton Keynes. They all did Mark Rutherford proud. The group were: Molly Belcher, Melissa Cain, Tom Ireland, Naomi Lockwood, Harry Marston, Kirstie Fuller, Chloe Williams, Laura Carver, Jenny Henderson, Fern Marsh, Emma Wrigley, Rhiannon Pemberton, Danielle Gibson-Grey and Amelia Martell.

All pupils were fantastic and even when faced with some very challenging routes gave it their all and didn’t give up. All competitors had 3 bouldering and 3 climbing routes to complete in the evening.
The scoring works by the higher the climber gets up the wall the more points they gain - However routes are made up of a specific colour and using or even touching a hold of the wrong colour leads to instant disqualification. This obviously means as the pupils climb they are route planning at the same time! A work out for the muscles and the mind!

The star of the show has to be Harry Marston he has obviously climbed before and even came prepared with his own shoes but this shouldn’t take away from his natural ability, stamina and excellent techniques as he made his way up the routes.

Well done to all involved.



Year 11 Bedford and District Team Competition
Mark Rutherfords 1st Outing V St Thomas More

Due to some timing difficulties the boys missed the minibus, six of them decided that rather than delay the match they wanted to play and would walk to St Thomas More, however only 4 turned up.

The boys above faced 12 ‘up-for-the-game’ students from St Thomas More. To The extreme credit of St Thomas More's teacher Mr Quinn said he would only play 4 players too.

The game was a bit nervy for both teams and many shots were missed before the onslaught began. Eventually
St Thomas More put their full team on  and Petar committed his fifth foul and was fouled out of the game (3 v 12). Alex
started to suffer from cramp towards the end of the game (2 v 12) which we won 79-40.


Year 11 V Wootton – 14th November 2012

With the numbers restored to much more like a full team (James Gazeley was there too but missed the picture)
The boys faced Wootton – A well-coached team who were keen and enthusiastic. In a game that ebbed and flowed at the beginning.

Certain players stepped up to be counted, Alex and Abra worked well as a scoring partnership. Wesley, Tarik, James and Petar scored a hatful of baskets each and Deji played very well too. The result was another win for Mark Rutherford

The students should be congratulated – If you are a student please feel free to join the team.


Year 11 National Cup - 1-0 Win

The Year 11 football team travelled to The Wrenn School in Wellingborough. Having taken a few wrong turns and seen many parts of the town of Wellingborough thanks to some dubious directions from Mr DiCarlo, we finally found our destination.

Rutherford dominated possession from start to finish. It was like watching a staff football session with the ball zipping about on the floor and rarely a long hoof up field in sight. Billy Pinney and Allessio Cammarano 'bossed' the midfield with Billy playing the part of the puppet master and pulling the strings throughout the game. They were well supported down the flanks by Lucas Cawthorne and the tireless (although I subbed him off because he was worn out) Dan Marriott.

The back four of Jake Lopes, Oli Swain, Ryan (I'm not a defender) Bhatti and skipper Jake Snooks remained solid throughout and kept keeper Dan Camfield to simply mop up any overhit long balls from the home side. James Hirst and Joe Holmes provided the firepower up front and it was the latter that sealed the victory and a place in the next round of the national cup. Joe picked the ball up about 30 yards from goal, turned and curled an absolute worldy into the top corner.Click here to see the goal.

His 'celebration' of simply standing still and just looking round at everyone was either due to him being in shock at scoring such a good goal or an impression of Eric Cantona following a goal against Sunderland.

Changes were made to defend this lead with Osman Ashfaq and Nico Paolini coming into the fold. The boys continued to play the ball around nicely and never really looked like conceding.
Another day on a pitch that didn't resemble a swamp and the win could have been a much heavier one.
Man of the match was Oli Swain who's barnstorming runs down the left caused problems for the opposition all game.
All the boys should be congratulated on their efforts.


British National Basketball Competition News

The Year 10’s after their success last year have been entered in the National Competition and they played Melbourne Village College. It was a bit ‘nip and tuck’ for most of the game. The boys Led by Wesley and Petar showed off their capabilities and were under a good deal of pressure. Smart substitutes by Imran Shah (Year 13) saw our newest player steady the ship Thomas Luzano. Miguel, Rashan, Huseyn, Chay, Zack played their part well as did Tarik both in offence and defence. The eventual score was 46 – 41 to Mark Rutherford.


U16 Netball

The U15 netball team attended the Bedfordshire district U16 tournament on 6th November. The girls all from year 10 were competing above their age group against year 11 players from other schools. In some games it was obvious the opposition were that year older, bigger and stronger but the girls worked well as a team to hold their own.

The rain and wind didn’t help our cause and it was a freezing and very wet few hours. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the finals and overall results are yet to be collated.

The following students should be congratulated: Molly Simpson, Emma Wrigley, Molly Belcher, Kim Cox, Chloe Williams, Rolanda Boateng, Jacky Fiorvanzo, Abby Hunter and Becca Smith.

Player of the match was Emma Wrigley- she was fantastic in every game defending brilliantly in a position she hasn’t played many times before, making some excellent interceptions. Well done to all.




U15 Netball - 22nd October

The U15 team went to the Bunyan Centre to continue their Premier division fixtures.

First up was Redbourne – the match was a very close one, goal for goal most of the way through the game. The mid court players worked the ball well through the court, feeding in to Molly and Kim in the shooting circle. Kim’s shots were spot on – incredibly accurate shooting from all over the circle. This shooting kept us in the game – the final score was 9 – 8 to Rutherford (told you it was close!)

They had warmed up in time to play Sharnbrook A – their toughest match of the league. The girls went out strong but unfortunately Sharnbrook’s well drilled side forced us to make mistakes which they capitalised on. The final score in this game was 22 - 10 to Sharnbrook.

Last up was Cedars – The girls were tired by this point but dug deep and continued to work well  together – they kept the Cedars shooters at by putting pressure on the feeds into the circle – some good rebounds by Lois and Jacklyn got the ball back into our attacking half for our shooters. The final score was 5 – 3 to Mark Rutherford, a very well deserving win.

Player of the match – KIM COX! For her incredible shooting!

The whole team should be congratulated: Chloe Williams, Kim Cox, Molly Belcher, Lois Cox, Emily Wright, Toni Wright-Brown,
Becca Smith and Jacklyn Fioranzo.



Year 11 Rugby v Samuel Whitbread

The year 11 rugby team travelled to Samuel Whitbread for their final league game of the season. Rutherford started slowly and were under pressure from the off, spending the first 20 minutes camped inside their 22 relying on some outstanding defending from the whole side to keep Whitbread at bay. An excellent team move resulted in Rutherford travelling virtually the full length of the field in what was their first serious attack with 5 minutes of the half left. Rees Bettell fell inches short of the line but the resulting scrum created an opportunity for Tom Myers to cross the whitewash in the corner and open the scoring.

Oli Swain caught the kick-off and ran the ball 40 yards through nearly the whole of the Whitbread defence. He was eventually brought down but excellent support from Mo Hossain allowed the move to continue. Mohammed looked certain to score but an excellent covering tackle stopped him. The ball was secured by the tireless Rutherford forwards and Hooker James Dexter powered his way through 3 defenders from 10 yards out to score under the posts.
10-0 at half time and Rutherford were beginning to take control of the game.

A daft mistake at the start of the second half allowed Whitbread to score, and convert, a breakaway try to pull the scores back to 7-10.

Rutherford continued to pile on the pressure and could, maybe should have added at least another 3 tries. Dan Camfield coming agonisingly close to scoring but was forced over the deadball line before being  able to touch the ball down to score. The game was finally sealed when man of the match Oli Swain scored a well deserved try following a perfectly timed pass from Mo Hossain which stretched the home defence one too many times (see video 2). This time Stan Marginson converted and the scores stayed at 17-7 to Rutherford.

The boys should be congratulated for their efforts, this was comfortably their best performance of the season so far.
Team: Robbie Taylor, James Dexter, Theo Demetriou, James Colnet, Mo Hossain, Charlie Mason, Tom Myers, Rees Bettell (c), Billy Pinney, Stan Marginson, Josh Petty, Oli Swain (MOM), Carmine Silvestre, James Hirst, Finn Mohasri and Dan Camfield.


Sixth Form Basketball v Wootton

‘The Core Four’

‘David Verses Goliath  - Friday the 19th of October the one of the most successful teams in school fell apart. Instead of 12 players meeting to play Wootton, one of their most talented adversaries,  after our recent loss to Sharnbrook only ‘the four core players’ turned up but they ‘gave 110%’.

Wooton were the opponents and having convincingly beaten our year 10 rugby team the day before they had an enthusiastic basketball team of 8 ready to play our depleted squad.
The tip off went well and after that it went downhill for Wootton – the end of the first quarter saw Mark Rutherford’s 4 players ‘shut out’  Wootton leaving the score line 18 points to zero. At half time Wootton had responded and the score line had reached 34 – 2 to Marky.

By the end of a match where Mark Rutherford ‘took good care of the rock’ the match the score was 69 – 4 to Mark Rutherford. The ‘bragging rights’ were the core fours. There were 41 points scored by George Gentle. (He went from ‘coast to coast’ to score a massive 9 dunks). All the boys contributed and as George said “I wouldn’t have been able to score that many without the great team effort that put me in position to score.” They were all ‘firing on all cylinders’ and were very tired by the end of the game.

This was the ‘biggest margin of victory’ achieved by a Mark Rutherford Basketball Team. The spirit and conviction of the players was excellent as was the sporting manner in which they played the game. However to be successful in the National Competition we will need a full team.


Year 9 Football v Sandy - B Team

The year 9 boys B team played their first match of the season on Tuesday this week playing the might of Sandy Upper B. 

Pumped up and ready to go, the Mitre football didn’t realise how many times it was going to be picked out of the oppositions net!   As it happens, if it wasn’t for some dodgy touches and wayward shooting, the score could have been a lot more.  Dylan Hassan took control of the game straight away and found out the oppositions weakness, run at the defence.   He found himself scoring a tap in after some good work from the midfielders and he quickly followed up with a screamer from 20 yards.  This however made Dylan think he could score from anyway and started blasting the ball towards goal whenever he received it.  MR found themselves scoring a further 2 goals through Cameron Edwards, one of them being a trick shot (hitting both feet) which fooled the keeper and found the bottom corner and the other a nice finish after again some good work from the midfield and forward line. 

Sandy got themselves a goal back in the first half which ended 4-1.  The 2nd half saw MR ease off the pedal.  They tried to move the ball around more and play some good football.  Dylan managed to get his hat trick in the end and Cameron was very unlucky not to get his.  The game ended 5-1 to MR and currently they have won 2 out of 2. The players should be congratulated and we would like to see more Year 9's attend practice.  Man of the match was Dylan Hasan although Davis Cmoch was excellent at the back and allowed very little past him. 



Year 11 Rugby v Hastingsbury

The year 11 rugby team hosted Hastingsbury in the 1st round of the county cup on 16th October. Hastingsbury arrived with just 11 players, none of which could play in the front row so uncontested scrums were played. Rutherford reduced their team to 12 in order to make the game fairer. The score at half time (25 minutes as I blew the whistle early) was 48-0 to Rutherford.

At half time Finn Mohasri and Mo Hossain volunteered to play for the opposition which meant we could then play 13 a-side. I lost count of the score in the second half but it finished something like 80-30 to Rutherford. This hopefully will prove to be a reasonable practice before a tough game away against Samuel Whitbread next week. Man of the match was James Hirst for making a number of powerful, pacy runs through the oppositions defence.



Year 11 Football County Cup v All Saints Academy

Our boys played All Saints Academy in the County Cup on Tuesday 9th October and won a convincing 10 goals to nil. All the players should be congratulated on their brilliant performance. The scorers were:
4x Daniel Marriott
2x James Hirst
2x Will Pinney
1x Alessio Cammarano
1x Osman Ashfaq



Year 9 Netball

The year 9’s netball team had their first round of matches at their new school.

The 10 strong team were ready and raring to go – they had to be, as our first match was against Sharnbrook!! The girls stormed the court, flying for interceptions of Sharnbrooks passes and reacting quickly to these turnovers. Some excellent defensive work by Agne kept the ball at bay from Sharnbrooks shooting end. Rachel and Alex worked excellently together – moving gracefully round the circle and rebounding any of their missed shots. Toni worked tirelessly through the court motivating and encouraging her team.

The final score was MRUS 9 – SUS 3

Next up was Biddenham. The Biddenham team were a very ‘panicky’ side making quick passes which rattled our players and unfortunately made us play their style. At half time we were down 4 - 2. After a half time team talk and a few changes of positions the girls went out under new instruction – keep calm!! Which they did fantastically. Sophia as WD made some exceptional interceptions through centre court allowing the ball to be fed back into our circle. Sharp shooting saw the girls creep into the lead ending the game MRUS 6 – BUS 5

Our final game was against Cedars Upper. Mark Rutherford went out confident after their first two wins – but sadly the physical strength of the Cedars team, especially in their shooting circle saw our girl struggle against them. The score at half time was MRUS 4 – Cedars 7. In the second half the girls reduced their number of overhead balls stopping their taller players on the Cedars team from making interceptions. After a much better second half the girls didn’t quite make up Cedars score – Final score was MRUS 9 – Cedars 11.

The girls were an exceptional representation of the school and should be congratulated: Toni Wright-Brown (C), Alex Young, Agne Zarombaite, Rachel Payne, Emily Wright, Emily Pocock, Alisha Bhatti, Anna Jama, Nav Gahir and
Sophia Cassan


Mark Rutherford v Sharnbrook

The game started a three point shot by Sharnbrook's Ellis Haggith closely followed by, and almost in revenge for them scoring, a colossal dunk by Alex  Holland (See the picture above). Marky were on their way and a succession of successful shots followed to leave the score 12 -3 to Mark Rutherford (Last year’s champions) in the first quarter. Sharnbrook were not ‘dead in the water’ and began to score leaving the scores 20 – 16 at half time. Marky scored 19 baskets to Sharnbrooks 19 baskets and eventually went to lose the game 36  - 47. – HOW you might ask?

The answer...Ellis scored 26 points (24 of those were 3 point baskets)


U15 Netball

The U15's had their first netball matches of the season on 2nd October and as we were promoted last year and now are playing in the premiership league did extremely well.

First match was against Sharnbrook and was a bit of a shock to the system, after the first half we were 4:2 down but fought back really well to 5:5. Unfortunately Sharnbrook scored another goal with the final whistle and the game ended 6:5

This spurred the girls on to the second match where we were all over Ceaders, all girls picked up their game and played fantastically easily winning the game 6:3.

The third match of the evening was against Biddenham A. We had to cope with a major position swap around due to loosing 3 members the team to their other sporting commitments leaving some players out of position. The girls found themselves 7:2 down going in to the second half but quickly adapted to their new roles and the game ended. 10:6.

All girls were brilliant as normal and were a credit to the school.

Player of the match Chloe Williams for her fantastic versatility to a range of position and brilliant interceptions through all 3 matches.


U18 Girls Futsal Results

The U18 girls futsal team travelled to Biddenham to play in the first round of the indoor 5-a-side league on Monday 1st October. They were up for some tough competition – our team was made up of mostly year 10 girls, compared to the 6th formers that the other schools had managed to get together.

The girls played Hastingsbury in their first match. The strength and size of the opposition was clear to see within the match, managing to steal the ball from the feet of some of our players. We battled on despite this and made some lovely plays through the court. Hastingsburys strength was too much for us and unfortunately we lost the game 9-0.

Our second opposition was Biddenham. They were of a similar size to us but were not playing the skilful game like our girls. We were making lovely short passes whereas Biddenham were just concentrating on  the ball down to their attacking end to score – this obviously worked better as the final score was 5-3 to Biddenham!

The girls were a credit to the school as always and should be congratulated: Hazel Trengrove (Head Coach), Alice Graham, Vicki Etheridge, Molly Simpson, Emma Wrigley, Leah Groom, Cyeanne Eaton and Courtney Coulson.


U15 County Footballer

Congratulations to Chloe Williams - she has been selected for the U15 girls County football squad.


Mark Rutherford V's Biddenham - District Reserve League

This was the first ever game for the reserve team and it showed during the opening 15 minutes. Biddenham pressed the hosts inside their own half and were looking the more likely to score. However a long ball over the visitors centre backs created havoc and Jack Burrells latched onto a goalkeeping error to cooly slot home from the edge of the box. The boys were bouyed by this goal and suddenly looked the more dangerous of the two sides. Man of the match, Bentley 'the midfield general' Rounding played the ball out to left back Luke George. He in turn layed the ball down the line to Sonny Stijelja who then layed a lovely through ball to striker Milos Vukicevic. Most players would have knocked the ball on and advanced on goal. Milos clearly couldn't be bothered to run any further so instead he smashed the ball over the keeper from over 30 yards out! Rutherford were almost immediately 3-0 up from a bullet header from centre back Kyle Pool who climbed above the defenders to head home an excellent corner from Bentley Rounding.

The second half drifted along quite nicely with goalkeeper James Colgrave standing strong when Biddenham managed to break through the solid defensive pairing of Kyle Poole and Kieran Hutchings. A couple of late goals from Biddenham led to a tense couple of minutes but the boys stood firm and claimed their first victory.

The team should be congratulated for their efforts: James Colgrave, Kieran Hutchings, Kyle Poole, Ezra Brown (c), Bentley Rounding, Sonny Stijelja, Jack Burrells, Milos Vukicevic, Luke George, Tyreece Lawrence, Dom Parmar, Sam Gascoyne, Matt Marsom, Callum Grindley, Sanj Bhogal, Declan Trezise.


6th Form Basketball V’s St Thomas More – Sept 26th

The basketball season got off to a flying start with the team leading our nearest opponents 26 points to 11 by half time. Despite an early rally in the second half Mark Rutherford went on to win by 53 points to 30. Three players scores reached double figures namely; George Gentle, Jonny Dove and Dominic Mawdsley. There were successful debuts for Kleinmond Chinod and Carl Stephens who also both bagged important points too. Alex Holland played a significant role as did Arnold Leung, Kieran More and Imran Shah.


Year 9 Football v Northampton School for Boys

The year 9 boys play their first match in the 2nd round of the National Cup against Northampton School for Boys. 
The boys were in a buoyant mood and were looking up to the challenge of competing in this difficult cup competition in which the best schools around England are involved in.  Northampton School for Boys come with a good reputation and on the pitch this showed.  The passing was a lot sharper in the first half and the ability to hold positions and know where each other were was proving difficult for the new boys.  Nevertheless, the young inexperience Rutherford team held them off for the first 15 minutes and tried to play some football of their own.  After this period however, the opposition took control.  A shot from outside the box looped over the keeper and ended up in the back of the net, 0-1 to Northampton.  This affected the young lads from Bedford and soon it was turning into a match where a clear distinction in class could be witnessed.  Northampton scored 2 further goals and also had a penalty shout turned away before they eventually did get a penalty for a blatent push in the back.  The penalty was dispatched away calmly and the game was turning into a rout.  Half time came and Rutherford were 0-4 down with no shots registered on goal.   

Brendan Rogers gave a moving team talk.  The boys were young, new to the team, inexperienced and all playing their debut games.  They were asked to erase the first half out of their memory and to just go out a enjoy the football with no pressure.  A few changes in personel and some shifting of positions were also made. 

The second half started and within a few minutes of the restart, Omar Nasri burst down the left hand side and smashed in shot low into the bottom right hand corner of the net.  The boys were up for it.  They started moving the ball around well and the opposition were getting nervous by the movement of Omar, Nathan Mullings and Aaron Thomas.  The game remained like this for a while.  Northampton however, started playing better again and managed to squeeze in another goal.  This didn’t affect the boys from Bedford though and they continued to try and play good football and enjoy the occasion.  Aaron then managed to break himself clear on the left hand side after some good work from Regan Scott and Omar and he squared it for Nathan to smash in a second goal for Rutherford.  The game then remained pretty even after this point and it finally ended 2-5 to Northampton School for Boys. 

Although the year 9 boys lost this game and are out of the National Cup, they can take great pride from this performance as they lost the first half 0-4 but came out to win the second half 2-1. 


Y9 1st XV    v St Pauls

The Year 9 boys started their season against St Pauls, who are a well-known rugby playing school.  Our boys had only had one training session together and the team had a lot of new faces in it.  With this in mind it was with some trepidation that we travelled to Milton Keynes.

The Game did not start well when a try was conceded in the first few minutes as our boys were still finding their positions.  This seemed to jolt the boys into action and the forwards started to work together to win possession for the backs.  Dylan Hassan went on a wondering (mostly sideways) run from his wing, but then cut inside to exploit a gap in the defence and found himself scoring a try under the posts.

The opposition then rallied to score two quick tries from their impressive pack. In the second half, Mark Rutherford found more of a pattern with all players making a great defensive effort (including some heroic work defending the try line).  There were some particularly great tackles made by Ryan Innis and Omar Choudry.  When attacking, we discovered that the opposition struggled to contain Justin Arthur, Aaron Thomas and Dylan Hassan who given space could do real damage in the backs.  With this effort, we managed to score twice more.  With Gianni Battezzato having his kicking boots on and adding all his conversions, Mark Rutherford were 21-15 up!

Unfortunately, their forwards flexed their muscles again and scored another try.  This time they kicked the conversion to go one point ahead with little time left on the clock.  Once again our forwards and backs worked well together to secure an uncontested scrum  (due to lack of experience in the front row) on the half way line, quite close to the touch line.  Our backs were lining themselves up to run into the wide spaces that this position afforded.  Unfortunately, scrum half Marc Casling (who had had a good game) thought the score line was in our favour and decided to end the game by kicking the ball into touch.

Despite the anti-climactic end, this was a good game and all the players put in a lot of effort and show much potential for the future.


National Cup first round v MK Academy
9-1 to Mark Rutherford

The team went 1-0 down but pulled it back to 2-1 at half time. The bosy sorted themselves out in the 2nd half and absolutely destroyed the opposition. They should be congratulated for their efforts.

The scorers were: James Barron x4 (including 3 in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half)
Tarik Dallas, james Alfieri, Joe Ackroyd, Josh Griggs and Kai Smith.

They should be congratulated for their efforts, the team were: Shane Kelly, Josh Griggs, Matt Chinnery, Joe Kvilums, Ross Slapp, Lance Jeffers, Tom Pigram, Joe Ackroyd(c), Kai Smith, Tarik Dallas, James Barron, James Alfieri and Asher Macintosh.


Year 10 Rugby v St Pauls Schoool

St Paul's School 34 - 17 Mark Rutherford
On the first game of the season Mark Rutherford travelled to St Paul's School in Milton Keynes. The pupils were very eager to get the season underway with a stong start.

A fantastic start to the game saw Mark Rutherford open the scoring with a try, finished by Dontae Brown. The game was very even in the first half with St Paul's School leading 17-10 at the interval.

A quick and vibrant start saw St Paul's School extend the lead. Mark Rutherford School were playing some excellent rugby with a couple of Bedford Blues coaches appaulding the players and individual efforts.

However the counter attacking rugby from St Paul's wingmen tore our defence apart and the game finished 34-17.

A positive start to the season and with the league starting next week, our boys will be up for the challenge.

The team: Robbie Taylor, Dontae Brown, Harvey Pegler ©, Brodie Longmuir, Tarik Dallas, Myles Herdman, Joe Kvilums,
Kane Osborne – Walker, Rhion Massa, George Maddams, Dale Moore, Sam Cole, Angus Dunbar, Roshun Kumar, Ben Kearsley and Chris Kirtley.

U15 girls Football National Cup v Northampton School for Girls

On Thursday 20th September our U15 girls football team played against Northampton School for Girls. Our team featured a number of players playing in their debut football match: Simran Panesar, Molly Simpson, Emma Wrigley, Tamsin Pinkney, Hannah Deverick and Alisha Bhatti.

The girls started off immediately on the defensive – spending much of the time in their own half, NSG were defending well and whenever we had the ball ready for a break would come in and steal it back off us – they scored 2 goals in fairly quick succession. Leah Groom then managed to knock the ball through to Chloe Williams who smashed a cracking goal, left footed into the net making the score 2-1.

Unfortunately before the half time whistle NSG managed to net one more goal, making the half time score 3-1 to NSG.

After a quick shuffle round of positions Rutherford went back out and played hard. Courtney Coulson was all over NSG attack, going in for every tackle and calling her team mates back on to players, only allowing the very talented NSG attack to score 1 goal. Hannah Deverick made some spectacular saves during this half – especially on one occasion leaping up to tip the ball over the bar. Leah Groom at centre mid was taking every opportunity to knock balls through to Cyeanne Eaton. One of these was particularly successful with Cyeanne lobbing the keeper from the edge of the box, making the final score 4-2 to NSG.

Courtney Coulson was player of the match due to her superb defence, calm attitude and determination to keep herself and the team going.

Special Thanks to Rhys Pemberton (year 12) for refereeing and Hazel Trengrove (year 12) for coaching and assisting the team.

All the girls played extremely well, and they should all be congratulated: Courtney Coulson, Cyeanne Eaton, Leah Groom, Chloe Williams, Alish Bhatti, Hannah Deverick, Romy May Longmuir, Safia Begum, Molly Simpson, Emma Wrigley, Simran Panesar, Tamsin Pinkney and Rolanda Boateng.


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