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The Sixth Form at Mark Rutherford offers an exciting opportunity to study a brand new subject! Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. It is an interesting course that really makes you think about the way you view yourself and others around you. Psychology is a popular subject choice at both A Level and University.

Year 12 – Foundations of Psychology

Students gain a broad knowledge of different approaches to understanding and studying human behaviour. These approaches include: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology and Learning Theories. Our students learn how to apply their psychological knowledge and critical thinking skills to a range of key issues within our society such as obedience, prejudice, memory, aggression and phobias!

Year 13 – Applications of Psychology

Students explore current issues and debates in Clinical and Criminological Psychology. For example, why do some people turn into criminals? Are murders born to murder or is it the environment? What are the causes of mental health conditions, and how can it be treated effectively? By the end of the course, students gain a closer insight into psychology in action and the practical applications of psychological theories and therapies.

Year 12 & 13 – Psychological Skills

Importantly, a psychologist cannot simply claim to have a theory or explanation for human behaviour without evidence to support it. Therefore, a significant component of this course requires students to use and develop their mathematical and science investigative skills to carry out their own research projects, under the supervision of their teacher. Our students build competence and confidence in forming and testing hypotheses, data analysis and critical evaluation of research findings.

Progression after A Levels

By the end of the course, students develop transferable skills that support study in a wide range of subjects at university and the transition to employment. Many of our students choose to study Psychology at university and have gone on to fulfilling careers ranging from: Clinical, Forensic and Educational psychologists, nurses, playgroup leaders, teachers, social workers and other Government roles to name but a few. 

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