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Religious Studies at
Mark Rutherford

Unity in Diversity
“Appreciating and understanding each other”

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The Religious Education Department at Mark Rutherford School consists of three qualified teachers who are allocated to teach specific year groups. The department is well established within the school’s curriculum since its inception in 2007 and at present all our students study RE. Students’ lessons are timetable as follows; Years 7 and 8 have two lessons, Year 9 have three lessons, whilst Year 10 have one lesson, all taking place over a fortnightly period. RE at GCSE level begins in Year 9 where students have the opportunity to obtain a full GCSE on successful completion in Year 10.

Our department is well resourced with a wide range of audio, visual and written materials to assist students throughout their studies. We aim to educate and develop our students’ awareness of traditions and beliefs of various religions such as: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. We intend for our students to gain an insight into other religious denominations, helping them to develop a clear understanding where common misconceptions exists. Through lessons, assemblies and school visits students will explore the morals and values central to each religion, which in turn will contribute to their personal development, well-being and understanding of community cohesion and promotion of mutual respect and tolerance within our diverse society.

RE plays an important role in preparing students for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. It helps young people become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

With religion and religious issues frequently topping the news agenda, Religious Education has never been more relevant. We at Mark Rutherford School understand that it is an important subject for everyone, not just because of its significance in current world affairs, but because it links so strongly onto many subjects and topics of conversations; for example Music, Art, History, Politics, Social and Cultural Issues, Global Economics, the list is endless.

At the very least Religious Education provides all students with some of life’s greatest skills valued by all employers; Lateral Thinking, Social, Cultural and Religious Tolerance. It provides a key context to develop young people’s understanding and appreciation of diversity, to promote shared values and to challenge racism and discrimination within our school and local community.

Students that successfully complete the course will be encouraged to sit the final exam at the end of Year 10, as this will provide them with an extra GCSE qualification. Having RE as a GCSE can send a positive message out to higher education establishments and prospective employers; that the student is a lateral thinker as well as someone who will can get along fairly easy and understand people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Year 7 & 8 Religious Studies Syllabus:

Year 7:


Term 1    

Introduction to Christianity

Term 2   

Introduction to Judaism

Term 3    

Introduction to Islam


Year 8:


Term 1      

Introduction to Sikhism

Term 2      

Introduction to Buddhism

Term 3      

Introduction to Hinduism

Ethics, Philosophy & Religious Studies GCSE Syllabus:

Year 9

Start of GCSE Course;

Component 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the modern world
Component 2: Study of Christianity

Year 10

Component 3: Study of a World Faith- Islam                                                                                           GCSE Revision of all three components.                                                                                       
Only students that successfully complete the GCSE course will sit the final exams at the end of Year 10.

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