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Mathematics Department at
Mark Rutherford

The Department Team

The department team currently consists of seven full-time and two part-time enthusiastic and dedicated qualified teachers who all teach across the age and ability range at Key Stages 3 and4, and six of whom deliver the AS/A level courses.

Within the team there is a Head of Department, a Second in Department, a member of staff with responsibilities for interventions and  individual needs and a member of staff who primarily coordinates the curriculum and assessment needs of Key Stage 3 but also supports the department as called upon by leadership. 

Two dedicated Teaching Assistants support pupils in mathematics classrooms where needs require or allow.  The best-performing Key stage 5 students are also encouraged to assist pupils within Key Stage 3 and 4 lessons.

Members, students and pupils of the department work together, supporting one another and sharing ideas both informally on a day-to-day basis and, in the case of staff, more formally at department meetings.  The development and dissemination of classroom resources, and good teaching practice, is also a shared activity.

We have established links with:

- the University of Bedfordshire

- the Pilgrim Learning Teaching School Alliance

- the Cambridge Teaching Schools network

- University College Londonís Institute of Education

- the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

- the Enigma Maths Hub and (for 2015-16)

- the Complete Mathematics package

For several years PGCE and similar trainees from the above have been welcomed into the department for placements during the year - and members of staff have engaged in continuing their professional education (completing post-graduate degrees in teaching mathematics at secondary level in more than one case).


We have eight specialist classrooms that are grouped closely together. Six of the rooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard and the two further rooms have overhead projectors.    Each room has internet access.  In addition there is a team-room and resource-hub for the department located close to the centre of the classrooms; next to the Head of Department’s Office.  All classrooms are equipped with a variety of mathematical resources.  Books are shared within the department.  The latest textbooks are Pearson’s Edexcel-specific GCSE Textbooks for the new 2017 GCSE. A variety of commercially-produced photocopiable worksheets are located in the work room Additionally, the department subscribes to a number of commercially-available websites and software packages to assist with teaching and assessment. Many of these packages can be accessed by students from home using the internet.

Student Organisation

Key Stage 3: Year 7 and 8

Aligned with the school’s Science, Technology and Engineering-based departments, pupils in Years 7 and 8 are currently taught in two mixed-ability sets, one streamed set and one intervention group. They receive six lessons of mathematics per fortnightly cycle.
The school seeks to deliver the Key Stage 3 curriculum within Years 7 and 8. We assess pupils frequently during the year to identify areas requiring intervention. Resources are made available to pupils and parents to enable intervention at home – or in school.

Key Stage 4: Years 9, 10 and 11

Pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 are prepared for the GCSE examination in two bands per Year Group for their six lessons per fortnightly cycle. Each band covers the same ability spectrum. There are six groups per band and the pupils are set within each band.  The initial placement of pupils is based on information garnered during the latter half of year 8: internally and from our feeder schools (with whom we have very good relations).  We assess pupils each half-term and pupils are moved between sets as necessary.

Pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 follow the Edexcel GCSE course although alternatives are considered in light of individual pupils’ needs. Pupils may also be entered for the Adult Numeracy tests, either Level 1 or Level 2 as appropriate. Pupils may also be stretched with GCSE Further Mathematics or similar courses if it becomes apparent that they will achieve the highest possible grade on the main GCSE course.

 Key Stage 5: Years 12 and 13

Pupils who achieve grade ‘A’ (2017 Grade 7) or higher at GCSE are currently offered the opportunity to take AS-Level and A-Level mathematics. The department follows the AQA courses and offers five lessons per week. 

Further mathematics AS-Level and A-Level are also available if pupils demonstrate prowess at the highest levels of the GCSE course. A very small number of year 12 and 13 pupils needing to re-take their GCSE in mathematics are also supported by the department.

Further Opportunities

The department’s pupils are regularly entered for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Challenges and also the local team challenge. It is not unknown for the department’s pupils to win.

Members of the department support an Engineering Society run by A-Level applied mathematics (mechanics) pupils in years 12 and 13.

According to need, various types of intervention are arranged for pupils throughout Years 11, 12 and 13.

The school subscribes to a number of mathematics resources online.  They are:

These can be used by students for independent study as well as by teachers to set homework.  Teachers will advise classes that homework has been set using these resources.  The following guidance is provided to parents and students:

Guidance on using maths sites

If you require further information…
…please contact:

Mr. S.Iddrisu

Head of Maths 

Mr J.Humphries

Second in Department

Please email Mr Idrisu or Mr Humphries to get in touch with the Key Stage 5 coordinator.


Our overall aim is to promote
achievement and enjoyment
in Mathematics

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