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Computer Science and ICT at Mark Rutherford

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The Department

There are currently four full time teachers in the department. Ms J Samosa is the Head of IT and Computer Science.

At present there are four main dedicated ICT rooms each with an interactive whiteboard and projector. The department is very well equipped to provide students with a 21st century experience in ICT.

The Curriculum

Key Stage 3 – Year 9

The curriculum for year 7 to year 9 is based on the based on the Key Stage 3 Computing National Curriculum requirements. It follows on from the work covered at the local primary schools.

The aim of teaching at Key Stage 3 is to ensure that pupils have high-order skills and not just the basics.

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 & 11

Progression routes into KS4 allow students to be guided to a qualification relevant to their skills and ambitions. Courses offered include GCSE Computer Science, Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia and iDEA (The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award).

Key Stage 5 – Year 12 and 13

At Key Stage 5 students study either the BTEC IT or the A Level in Computer Science.


Head of ICT
Ms J Samosa

ICT Teachers

MS K Dalgleish (Second in Department), Ms V Mussington and Mr J Mataire (Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator)

If you require further information…
…please contact Miss J Samosa (Assistant Headteacher/Head of ICT and Computing) using this email address;

Mark Rutherford School
Wentworth Drive, Bedford, Bedfordshire Mk41 8PX
Telephone 01234 290200 : Fax 01234 290236 : Email: