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We have the perfect facilities for football / sports clubs in our large indoor Sports hall; Dance clubs have the use of a dedicated Dance Studio; Drama or Music clubs are welcome to put on productions in our Drama hall which houses staging and tiered seating; or you can use any of our smaller halls or classrooms for meetings such as Neighbourhood Watch, Family History meetings etc or for private exams. If you would like to make a booking, please complete the booking form, found in the margin on this page and email to finance@mrus.co.uk.

Here is some more information regarding our facilities:

    • Drama Hall seating capacity 197 + some technical information from our technician on lighting and sound.
    • 001 Dance Studio with sprung floor suitable for dance and exercise (not Tap dancing)
    • The Car park with parking capacity of 149 plus 5 disabled spaces.
    • Sports Fields incorporating 2 rugby and 2 football pitches

    Almost any type of event can be catered for here at Mark Rutherford for a nominal charge.

    Please call Mrs McHugh on (01234) 290253 for more details, to place a booking or email: finance@mrus.co.uk

    Click the link here to view an internal map of the site.

    Prices and pictures of our facilities are below.


    Sports Hall - £36.85 ph
    Activities Hall - £26 ph
    Drama Hall - £33 ph - click here for layout
    Dance Studio - £26.40 ph
    The Vicinity - £14.00 ph


    Lettings Charges - Prices are per hour        


    Room Cost per hour
    Sports Hall £36.85
    Drama Hall £33.00
    Drama Studio £16.00
    Activities Hall £26.00
    Vicinity £14.00
    Dance Studio £26.40
    Classrooms £14.00
    Car Park (minimum 5 hrs) £15.00


    Football Pitches £27.27 per match

    Saturday Letting £31.90 per hour

    All hourly prices are VAT Free




Mark Rutherford School
Wentworth Drive, Bedford, Bedfordshire Mk41 8PX
Telephone 01234 290200 : Fax 01234 290236 : Email: mark.rutherford@mrus.co.uk